Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hun Sen’s reaction to Human Rights report

Hun Sen is smart only in brainwashing the Cambodian people. He has tried to make them not to understand the reality of Cambodia and not to be able to protect their own destiny. Only him can protect their destiny. This is just a weak performance of incapable leader.

Hun Sen's words are viciously offending Cambodian's basic rights and dignitary.

Democracy and Human Rights Respect mean:
1. People are freely out of jail because of expressing. For example, recently Teang Narith is still sentenced to jail.

2. People are free of fear about their lives security; and bad perpetrators always arrested and punished. But in reality, Hun Sen's government has never arrested or punished any gun men since killing and shooting Piseth Phalika, Chea Vichea, Om Rasdy, Touch Sonich, Monk Som Buntheoun, Hy Vuthy and Miss Pov Pannapich...etc. The perpetrators have succeeded their mission in the same manner: ride mortobike and shot people on the street easily like Hun Sen and his colleagues are playing golf.

3. People are still not able freely to demonstrate or express their view. No permission to having public demonstration which a grave violation of human rights.

4. National medias are still biased, only government can broadcast everything while these medias are using national's budgets and under control of Communication Ministry.

5. More than 85% of newspapers are blindly pro-government. They speak well and praise government though the reality is opposite.

6. Court, justice and governmental implementation are only on the lip of Hun Sen. Power is gathering only around Hun Sen's seat is absolutely dictatorship, not democracy at all.

6. People are still living under poverty line which is a grave violation of fundemental Human Rights.

7. Land grabbings are still operating by higher officials of the government.

8. People who are dare to protest land grabbing are always jailed.

9. Rich and poor are still having distant gap which is the violation of economic equality distribution.

10. State of law is only under Hun Sen's butt and on Hun Sen's lip. This is grave violation of Hun Sen's promises in the treaty with UN as well as to implement real democracy in Cambodia.

"In Cambodia you have the peace of the cemetery, you have the stability or the security of the slave. I think Cambodia deserves better." - Sam Rainsy

"Now they speak of democracy, but it's just talk. It's communist inside. I have seen that the CPP's hierarchy and policies are formed in the communist fashion. They talk about democracy just because it sounds good. In reality what they implement is not the same as what they say. Cambodian people have never had real democracy. The country is controlled by powerful people, and the poor people are their slaves" - Pen Sovann

Sovann also said: "Cambodian politics has the head of a chicken and the ass of a duck. They speak about democracy and multiple political parties, but they practice communist ways."

Between Hun sen, Pen Sovann and Sam Rainsy; who know about democracy and human rights than?

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