Saturday, April 7, 2007

Rhetoric of our Somdech Ta Tout's homeland returning is obvious.

Our Somdech Taa Tout is our always considered as our social political activist that Preah Ang get involved all shapes and aspects in present Cambodia. However, many times and many activities that our Somdech Taa Tout has done it seems like only an intruments to Hun Sen or the CPP government.

In this time, Somdech Taa Tout returns home will benefit CPP
1. Underscoring more pride, proud and success of CPP after commune election.
2. Centralizing more power for Hun Sen in overlooking his opponents as well as his internal colleagues who don't feel comfortable with him.

CPP and her elitists come to greet and speak good to Somdech Taa Tout is just the hypocrite tactics from them because this chance can gain them popularity.

CPP is aware well the popularity of democratic movement after they have created a strong coalition. So in this time, CPP has card to play because they can still grab Somdech Taa Tout in a firm grip as their card.

However, Somdech Taa Tout can take this opportunity to gain some important paying back from CPP such as:
- Stop the verdict in court of Prince Rannarith
- Raise up the important social duties of King Sihamuni such as presiding over graduate ceremonies and other important ceremonies. King Sihamuni would be appeared often more in public ceremonies such as inaugurating schools, temples and bridges...etc

Of course, there are many other things that Somdech Taa Tout would be aware that he will not be a priceless tool for Hun Sen to exploit for his stable power.

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