Monday, August 13, 2007

Dear all Cambodian patriotic compatriots


This time Khmers must wake up, unite and direct the right thinking:
  • Khmers must not look down or create hate towards the monarchy because Cambodia is the Kingdom
  • Khmers must not revenge Khmer Rouge (Pol Pot) because this regime has already passing away. We must presently concentrate on the interests of the nation. If we still have hate or revenge towards Khmer Rouge or its cadres in the moment, it is just the personal affair, not national affair. We just try to prevent it not to allow any new regimes with the same manner happen again.
  • All Khmer leaders in all parties and tendencies must prioritize the interests of the nation. The conflicts, opposing, criticizing or competing is not the cause of national declining, but the conflicts, opposing, criticizing or competing is the driving force leading to the progress of whole nation.
  • Khmer leaders must not effort to gain self-interest, self-power and brag himself as superior than others that no body can lead the country like him because these attitudes make himself evil as well as the whole nation.
  • Prime minister must not play his role of both prime minister and King. For example, the graduate ceremony must be presided by neutral person such as the King, not the prime minister because the King is a symbol of unity and neutral person. Doing so the international community and intellects praise us.
  • All gifts to poor people or emergency supplies to those victims of the natural disasters must not on behalf of prime minister or official elites because doing so not reflect the willingness to comply to the national law, dignity of leadership and good example leadership for Cambodian young generation.
  • Monarchy must not express any special favorite or praise any political leaders because doing so will destroy his reputation and he is not being neutral as he must be.

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