Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Abe's resignation and Hun Sen's leadership

Yes, it is truly the Abe's resignation is not impacted Cambodia as a whole, but it is surely impacted the spirit of Hun Sen's ministerial leadership.

Abe is actually a very responsible leader of Japan that doesn't take his powerful opportunity to last his position. He comes to power with the priority of national interests, not his personal interests.

At least, there are three types of world leadership:
  • 1. One who has found out that his/her leadership is not publicly recognized or successful for the interests of the nation; he/she will volunteeringly step down.
  • 2. One who has found out that his/her leadership has been tremendously successful for the interests of the nation. For example, state independence, economic growth integration and well-structured administrative system of democracy..etc; and he/she step down from power to relax and enjoy his/her successful works.
  • 3. One who has found out that his/her leadership is too much selfish, long lasting power and somehow arrogance with power attachment...etc Seeing this, she/he will pursue self-realization and self-determination to handover the power to other in order to prioritize on national interests and his/her personal reputation.

Law of nature has never valued long lasting leader. As a smart or able leader, he/she naturally doesn't oppose the righteousness of political leaders.

Righteousness of political leaders is flexible and changeable, that why developed countries (both democratic or communistic nations) have periodically and frequently changed their leaders. Doing so, their nation will benefit more and more such as America, Australia, China and Vietnam...etc


Source of Japanese PM Abe's Resignation from position

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