Monday, October 1, 2007

My responding to Hor Namhong's Speech at UN in New York

There is the notion of global issues that our Minister tries to address and generalize. It sounds good to boast ourselves (Cambodian) to the stage of the world with those unprecedented issues.

But in reality, Cambodia cannot help themselves. Cambodia has weak ability. The core issues inside Cambodia such as KR tribunal to build state that ruled by laws "rule of laws", economic fair distribution and equality is shortcoming because there are huge social gap in Cambodia, the government reforming to decentralization, the corruption alteration, the equal access to national public media of all political parties...etc

Especially, the Burma hot situation.

When Hor Namhong didn't address these prior issues, he vetoed the good reputation and legitimacy of Cambodia in the international stage. He address the dreaming issues on behalf of Cambodia.

May be this what Cambodian people expect from their leaders...sic!


Read and Listen Hor Namhong's Speech at UN in New York

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