Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hor Namhong and the defamation !

I think this is a good chance to see the political change in Cambodia as it is moving. Sam Rainsy is the very courageous politician who has stood up to fight against the culture of impunity which has been widespread existing in Cambodian society.

In this case, if Hor Namhong is really wanting to sue Sam Rainsy, or he is currently complaining to the court, it would be a good sign for political change in Cambodia.

Hor Namhong might not think deeply that his decision to sue in defamation court is just the win-win strategy of Sam Rainsy.

1. Khmer Rouge's trial is ongoing, and it will be critical for Hor Namhong and Keat Chon to become one of the testimony; and they both were not only the testimony in that time, but they were also higher officers as well. Humm, the play would be so tasteful as the affiliates will be included such as Hun Sen and others.

2. Sam Rainsy as a very enduring politician has perceived very well that his prime ministership might be not vital in this 2008 election. But SRP surely gains more seats in the parliament; and he is ready to become a prime minister in the next election.

So, play this one important game with the CPP through CPP's higher leaders with this very popular international court. It would be so lucrative for Sam Rainsy to take this game to play. Especially, the culture of impunity and court injustice will be improved.

Hor Namhong is jumping into a wrong hole now, Cambodian peoples are regarding the court as their final this is a good time to play!

Bravo Cambodian peoples!!!


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