Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hor Namhong and the Boeung Trobaek's Killing Machine

Listening to the news today, finally Hor Namhong accepted that he is the important committees of Boeung Trokbaek prison. But what he tried to justify himself is that he is just one of among those elitist victims, and he deliberately convinced us that one of the current top KR leaders accepted to be his witness that he is the victim of the KR (not the perpetrator).

Yes, Sam Rainsy's invoking this notorious issue is closely moving to our eyes, attention and heart.

The questions are that:

  • 1. Why other two elitist prisoners he mentioned died, Hor Namhong not?
  • 2. Those elitist prisoners are jailed, but Hor Namhong is the important committee (president?) of that jail; so how victimous feeling Hor Namhong pertained in heart and mind in that time?
  • 3. Now, Hor Namhong's witness to adjudicate against Sam Rainsy is not someone else, but a top leader of KR who are currently interrogated by the Tribunal.

Once, Nuan Chea said "under Somdech Dechjo Hun Sen's leadership, Cambodia is having full peace and prosperity". He also expressed pride of Hun Sen in that time while he was brought to the court.

Humm, the motion of Cambodian politics in current situation is very classic!


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