Friday, May 2, 2008

Khmer mentality and vision of younger Cambodian generation


Hung is truly Vietnamese and sh/e responded to my blog the article about "case of KR brutality and Vietnam intervention is two different thing". Sh/e might try to convince me that "KR brutality is too vicious and Vietnam intervention is to save Cambodia".

Responding to this opinion, my message clearly carried the unbiased perspective, but deepened into academic and intellectual articulation. KR brutality has been globally condemned as so brutal, and Vietnam intervention has been universally denounced as so invasive. Not only that, two cases are continuously investigating by the United Nations.

So, in this circumstance, it is very simple that we don't need to explore and waste time to explore the history or conspiracy. The history cases are too complicate to convince our general Cambodian citizens.

But what is I am so disappointed and you might be also like me, Khmer peoples should not be fractured by KR brutality and VN invasion. I am really annoying by one side is praising VN volunteering troops and denounce KR; another side is denouncing VN as the conspiracy with KR. In some degree, I accept this case has some significant truth for researchers, but not for general Cambodian citizens.

My strong standing, and on behalf of younger Cambodian generation, I don't see any advantages from this extreme siding. It create only loss-loss strategy for Cambodia in the international political arena. Win-win strategy for Cambodia is to facilitate understanding and uniting among our Khmer peoples. Win-win strategy here doesn't mean that you have to take side with all winners, but to do whatever we can to develop and safeguard Cambodia nation and her populations.

Cambodian peoples should learn to see this "reality" as it is and solve the problem correctly. The disease of Cambodia requires the comprehensive doctors to cure rightly the symptoms and syndromes. The recipe of this medication is to look forward and comprehend that future of Cambodia has many things for us to accomplish and the past has been passed. We don't need to pay gratitude or repeat gratification words to Vietnam.

No free meal existing in this world. Vietnam's intervention in Cambodia is not a free lunch. More than this, we are Cambodians we have to follow the legal adoption of United Nations in denouncing Vietnamese troops in Cambodia and they had to withdraw and stop all imperialism activities.

I hope this statement is clear for all of us. And what I am worrying in this life is not about DEATH or ADVERSITY, but I am worrying only that I HAVE DONE NOTHING beneficial to society particularly to Cambodian land as a whole.

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