Monday, January 12, 2009

Hun Sen has his good logic, but Cambodia will loss its sovereignty

Hun Sen is using a good logic for his personal gains such as power, wealth and self-interest. But his rhetoric is surely deteriorating Cambodia's future freedom and national sovereign integrity.

It is unarguable that January 07 are mixing with freedom from brutality and experiencing foreign invasion over Cambodia.

So, this 30 years from the Khmer Rouge brutality is meaningful for Cambodia because Khmer Rouge is not fearful to Cambodia any more. But what is fearful is that the influence and domination of foreigner VN is still overwhelmingly spreading in Cambodia. No body can deny the eternal relationship of Hun Sen and Vietnam (I mean this because not all CPP's members are agreeing with Hun Sen to bend down before Hanoi by celebrating and valuing this January 07 day).

More than this, Hun Sen is good and he is the spearhead to do whatever he can to divide and split Cambodia society into pieces. His speech likes this is to intentionally divide Cambodian peoples into small groups so that his boss, the VN, can take advantage and take over Cambodia easily, eventually.

In short, all Cambodian political parties should pursue their national interests as their absolutely goal. Hun Sen should not say that unless opposition party can control the government, so that they can eliminate January 07 and to celebrate the day of October 23. Saying this is ignorantly dividing Cambodian people and it is stupidly for a national leader.

When KR regime is totally disappeared and KR trial is ongoing performing, it is truly useless to recognize or celebrate the day of January 07, the foreign invasion in Cambodia. Whatever, they want to legitimize the day of January 07, this day is still not making any good for Cambodia's future freedom and national sovereign integrity.

Only October 23, that all Cambodian political parties shook hand to end the internal civil wars and shouldered to build our nation. Without October 23, how can we have current national constitution, monarchy, foreign aids, and others...?

Someone may argue that without January 07, we don't have October 23, but as you know that argument is just a self-interest rhetoric with short-sighted and puppetic leadership by prostrating the foreigner VN.


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