Monday, March 23, 2009

Debate in Camdisc on "It is neither democracy nor economy"


It is again that you don't see the value of Paris Peace Agreement in October 23, 1991. You see only the divisive period of Lon Nol, Pol Pot and Vietnam occupation. I have no political party reference. I am not going to protect SRP or CPP. Any party that has conducted bad behavior, I will criticize them in the way that can endorse goodness for innocent Cambodian people.

Of course, you are manipulative and stead head clinging to love and die for CPP. I understand your political tendency. I don't blame on your political inclination, but I really want you to see both sides of coin and act in a very productive way. SRP cannot be labeled as Sam Rainsy. Historically, Sam Rainsy was a member of Khmer factions to deliberate Khmer from foreign occupation. Do you see that those Khmer factions struggled along the Thailand border have created Khmer division or they have created power balance in Cambodia? And importantly Vietnamese troops, physically, had to withdraw from Cambodia? Or do you see that it is still the master head of division? Does CPP also one of the faction who played important role in division too? Use your own conscience not to link personal Sam Rainsy to SRP because it might not give you any credit for your own sake and good debate with me.

However, do you see that the fighting between different Khmer fractions can enable Khmer to have unity and can force foreign invader withdrawing from Cambodia or it caused division among Cambodia? Who lost who benefited?

With this mater, Paris Peace Agreement has been signed. New page of Khmer history has been rewritten. From intractable division among Khmer factions, Paris Peace Agreement enables unity among Khmers as well as the dignity and legality of Khmer in the international arena. This day surely creates the unity among division of different Khmer factions. It is better than the day of January 7, 1979 or March 18, 1970.

International monitors stated that recent Cambodia election is peaceful and non-violent than before. They didn't recognize the election procedures controlled by current NEC is fair and smooth. You need to check the information again. However, as I am a Khmer, a voter, I am very disappointing that "check and balance" of democratic principle in Cambodia has been eliminated. I am disappointing that, as a Khmer, both CPP and SRP have not got the realistic numbers of vote through a free and fair election. NEC has deceived both of them. In reality, CPP has deceived Cambodian people because only 3 millions voted for them (if I agree with the outcome). CPP cannot win a real major vote (this do need to compare with US because it is very very different especially the NEC). There are still many irregularities in Cambodian election, that the powerful CPP has projected to manipulate and deceive the Cambodian people and the international countries.

In your opinion, do you want to eliminate opposition party and Cambodia should be led by CPP lonely? Or what?


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