Monday, May 25, 2009

SRP must use strategy of "Gathering Manpower for its Future Achievement"

Regarding to the statement issued by the Center for Human Rights of Cambodia, Ou Virak should provide more details about the human rights violation because of a political party which has used swearing mechanism to maintain or operate membership in their party.

In America, when you want to become a member of a political party, you have to follow all their party's internal regulations including swearing in front of their leaders/local leaders/priests situationally etc.

CPP has used this tactic before, did Ou Virak wrote a complaint like this too? SRP also has its own internal regulations.

However, SRP must consider twice about the consequences that should happen when it will carry out some membership mechanisms. In case of this swearing ritual, might not be wrong.

But the previous expelling of misbehavior council members or because they have already accepted bribes from CPP, would be not useful and appropriate for the policy of "gathering manpower for future achievement". They should be moved to another position or lower down position rather than expelling them publicly like this.

SRP might be lacking an tangible policy to glue and gear its membership.


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