Friday, May 29, 2009

Vietnam's Hegemonic Policy over CPP is Intellectually and Successfully

The puzzling question for us now is how effective Vietnamese people can work to achieve their expanding plan in the Champa land, Khmer Prey Norkor and Khmer Krom, and how this plan has presently been undertaken in Lao and Cambodia?

From the barbaric politics of ancient tribal system, to industrialization, world wars, cold war and current capitalism, Vietnam has kept the same strategy is to expand their territorial land or obtain hegemony/domination over their neighboring countries. One effective traditional policy and plan Vietnam has used is to utilize their population/people as the special agent to achieve their expanding goal. Their instrumental mechanism is to secure that their neighboring countries are intuitively aware of friendship rather than enemy, cooperation rather than separation, and to mutually paying respect via long lasting and comprehensive friendship agreement.

The puzzling question for us now is how effective Vietnamese people can work to achieve their expanding plan in the Champa land, Khmer Prey Norkor and Khmer Krom, and how this plan has presently been undertaken in Lao and Cambodia?

Investigating present movement of Vietnam's hegemonic policy is impressive. Ho Vann's opinion regarding those 22 PhD in military from Hanoi is properly sued in the felony court? What is the role of court of Cambodia to ensure the verdict? Those 22 so-called PhD in military are endorsed by the neo-colonialist Vietnam to take advantage over Cambodia while we are facing with Thailand. They are the ideological agent to legitimize Vietnam's domination over Cambodia.

Current Cambodian government have succumbed to the power of Vietnam hegemony. All activities and policies operated by the CPP is embodying closer to the total hegemonic achievement of Vietnam over Cambodia. They are considered:

1. Using public to pay attention to the goodness (propaganda) of Vietnam in Cambodia such as this court verdict regarding 22 so-called PhD of military from Hanoi, using TV media to legitimize Vietnam's hegemony through CTN and other TV channels. So-called H.E. Chhum Kosal has relentlessly promoted the goodness of Vietnam of 7 January 1979 day by not contrasting the bad and good from this period. If he is really working to serve Cambodian interests, why he deliberated only the freedom from Khmer Rouge brutality without giving proper weighing argument on Vietnam invasion over Cambodia? Of course, if Vietnam had no economic embargo and pressures from the international arena, Vietnam will not withdraw its troops in Cambodia. No free lunch exist in this world, Mr. H.E. Chhum Kosal. However, Vietnam withdrew only uniform troops but civilian troops and administrative networks throughout Cambodia was well organized.
Watch below movie clip:

2. While Cambodia is facing conflict with Thailand about border encroachment, Cambodian government particularly Hun Sen a top leader, turn their face to smile and plead support from Vietnam. Cambodia's history has been repeated again and again until our land is totally disappeared. Hun Sen is trying to promote himself as the hero of the nation. He is comparing himself as the second Norodom Sihanouk who was enthusiastically loved by his people during Independence Crusade and Victory over Preah Vihea scheme with Thailand. Hun Sen is uplifting his goodness because he can achieve to name Preah Vihea as the Cultural Heritage Site. How pride of Hun Sen at the expense of losing integrity to Vietnam from this tiny pride? The piling rock of Khmer ancient temples will make a survival or death for Cambodia?
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3. It is very dangerous. Hun Sen is committing self-suicide and self-destruction for Cambodia. He and his colleagues have never realized the Ho's dream of using his people as his special agent to hegemonize Cambodia. Ho's plan has been derived from their ancestors which could annex Champa and Khmer Prey Norkor successfully. Firstly, they tried to make trust to these regions. Secondly, sent their people to live their. Thirdly, arranged village and municipal and local administration. Finally, the high rate of Vietnamese citizens and nationalism can achieve this plan.

4. In current situation, Cambodian government or the Office of Immigration Affair can not rightly disclose the exact number of Vietnamese immigration. We can say at least government should concern to know about how many Vietnamese immigrations have been naturalized, and how many have not? How many Vietnamese traveled across border to Cambodia last few years, present year, and predictive future?

5. As border-pole installation is publicly spread through the media,Vietnamese immigration amount to Cambodia is simultaneously closed to the public by the Cambodian government.

6. The agreement to waive visa fee for Vietnamese citizens to travel to Cambodia is dangerous to Cambodia and it is the self-suiciding decision of Hun Sen.

7. The intractable corruption and culture of nepotism of present Cambodian government will easily allow the fast growing of Vietnamese population inside Cambodian land. Vietnamese immigration can come to Cambodia and apply for Cambodian citizenship easily.

8. Regarding Vietnamese population, Hun Sen's administration is committing self-destruction and Cambodia will be totally dominated by Vietnam. Ho's dream is coming true. His people are working like the virus destroying our health from internal cells . They will finally can kill Lao and Cambodia like they had once killed Champa, Prey Norkor and Khmer Krom Land.

This our worry! But is it too late for Cambodian government to handle with this issue? Or Cambodian government understand Hun Sen's administration cannot make any better to deal with Vietnamese immigration?


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