Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vietnam - MFA - Vietnam, Cambodia strengthen mutual understanding

Comment: During war, the people needs military to protect their lives from enemy. During peace, the people needs policemen to protect their lives from thieves and injustice. Vietnam has played both roles in Cambodia. First Vietnam sent their troops to help Cambodian free from a mismanagement regime of Pol Pot. Second, after Vietnam had authority over Cambodia during 1979-1990, Vietnam has successfully installed the system of their policemen to guard Cambodian people. But this strategy is not enough for Vietnam. Vietnam has to ensure that Cambodian people will be gradually assimilated by their policy such as: ensuring the eternal friendship with Cambodian politicians, ensuring long lasting peaceful border zone, ensuring cultural understanding, and ensuring mutual assistance as well as strengthening solidarity etc. Laos people are currently peacefully guarded by the Vietnamese policemen, next step Vietnam has to ensure that Laos people are genuinely Vietnamese. Let study this case during Hun Sen administration, and let take your notes to predict what will be happened after Hun Sen?

Vietnam and Cambodia will hold cultural exchanges for their young people in order to help them understand about the lives, customs and cultural traditions of each other’s country as well as strengthen solidarity and mutual assistance.

This was part of the action plan agreed upon at the fourth meeting of the southern chapter of the Vietnam-Cambodian Friendship Association (VCFA), held in Ho Chi Minh City on July 2.

VCFA Chairman Vu Mao asked the association’s members to pay more attention to boosting economic cooperation between cities, towns, and villages in the two countries.

The Vietnam-Cambodia Business Club, set up by the VCFA in 2008, now has over 60 members, including the military-run mobile phone company Viettel, the Vietnam Rubber Corp. and the Me Linh Group, which have productively invested in Cambodia .

The club plans to open a Vietnamese representative office and build a trade centre in Phnom Penh , Mao said.

In the past, Vietnamese provinces sharing borders with Cambodia have organised a series of cultural and sports activities, free medical check-ups and built schools and clinics for their neighbours.

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