Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vietnam's disgusting strategy

If Cambodians younger generations and patriotic leaders/elitists don't understand the strategy of annexing Cambodia by Vietnam, our future and territorial land will be in the same destiny like Champa, Prey Norkor, Kampuchea Krom and Lao.

It is so shocked that only in the Cambodia in this world that a leader has praised the foreigner of helping their country liberated from this or from that without weighing the truth.

Hun Sen is a politician, but he learned nothing about the trick and treat of politics. He is deserved to be a very good lackey to Vietnam. In this world, academically speaking, is there any one who said "the aggression of Vietnam is to help Cambodia"?

No one.

Only Hun Sen did say this without understanding the cost benefit Vietnam has been investing in Cambodia. For the international relations, political scientists have never seen any country has given something as a "free shit" to another countries. They only work to benefit their own countries. In this matter, Vietnam is kind to Cambodia to liberate Cambodia from Khmer Rouge freely?

Yes, if Hun Sen wants to challenge with me and tell the truth to all Cambodians and the world, let both of us debate on the TV channel together, not only you who is shamelessly admiring foreigner without listening to others or televising others. This is only the act of an ignorant leader and dictatorial characteristic. Cambodia will be easily died by this one-sided mass media.

In century of successful Vietnam in expanding its territorial land, Vietnam has never said that it has invaded Champa, Prey Norkor, Khmer Krom or Lao. It has clearly stated that it helped those people in those territorial land. Those patriotic leaders in those lands have never praised Vietnam of giving free shit at all. But why they accepted that hegemony and domination power because they have no claw or power to rise up to fight against Vietnam. They have been absolutely cornered by Vietnam through a "cold blood" strategy. Vietnam has used a very intellectual strategy to murder those people without bleeding. For instance, any one dare to tell to the world that "Lao is free from Vietnam?". If your answer is yes, it is not different from Kampuchea Krom during last 70 or 80 years, no one said that Kampuchea Krom was under Vietnam. But nowadays, we can see Vietnam's strategy of "kill without bleeding" as important evidence for us to the land of Champa, Prey Norkor, Kampuchea Krom and Lao.

Champa, Prey Norkor, Kampuchea Krom, Lao and next is Cambodia inevitably. This land will be died through two effective tactics of Vietnam:

  • 1. Create a puppet government that is working under the supervision of their disguising special advisers and armforce such as the policemen, secret military group, and civil special agents etc. Politically, Vietnam has successful projected a stage for power competition and it helps behind to push up those who are honest to them. This strategy is called "borrowing your knife to temporarily use" or "kchey kombet prer bondos ason".

  • 2. Flood Vietnamese population into that land. Currently, Lao land is free land for all Vietnamese to live and enjoy life over there. Lao has the border of land with Vietnam, but Lao has no border of citizenship and territorial power. Every section of the government is co-administered by disguising Vietnamese. Military and policemen in Lao are Vietnamese.

Lao is opening its door for foreign investments such as from the US or China, but where those tax and benefit go to? The powerful leader right? Who are those powerful leaders in Lao? They are disguising Vietnamese as Laos. It is common to see Lao people who are incredibly bi-lingual speaker: they can speak both Lao and Vietnamese fluently. The physical land is Lao but the wealth of the nation and spirit is not Lao.

In the world history of invasion, the real independent countries have never mentioned about their both brutal past and liberation past. Germany has stopped talking about the Nazi brutality and the helping from the alliance led by the US.

A Khmer said in camdisc that "North Korea accused Japan a puppet of the US. North Korea accused South Korea a puppet of the US. Japan and the US accused North Korea a puppet of China or even Russia. The Al-Qaeda accused the US a puppet of Israel. The US accused Al-Qaeda a puppet of Bin Laden. And so on" that this statement is considered naive. No one wants to interfere Cambodia to accuse this country as puppet of Vietnam, but it is from our Cambodian compatriots like me and others who dare to speak out loud that "the history of brutality and invasion should be ended and closed its page". Why? Because, it has not given any good shit to Cambodia at all. More you praise the Vietnam as a liberator, more shit and ignorant of Cambodia's future, more you condemn and accuse the brutality of the Khmer Rouge, more shit and ignorant of Cambodia's future.

Yes, Hun Sen and some other Cambodians are true to claim that "Vietnam liberated Cambodia from Khmer Rouge brutality is the truth or reality"...yes, I do agree...I do agree that this is a truth or reality of shit.

On the other hand, why Hun Sen didn't say that the intervention of the United Nations and the Paris Peace Accord in 1991 helped Cambodia to develop till today?

Hun Sen is under fear of Vietnamese gun or what? Why Hun Sen is praisefully of liberation of January 7, 1979 without elaborating fairly the Paris Peace Accord that has helped Hun Sen and his CPP today, as well as helped Cambodia today develop till today?

All what Hun Sen said is the good a proposal for Cambodia's future or not? It is showing only the darkest spot of Cambodia's future. Currently, Vietnamese population can freely resettle in Cambodia at the same condition like in Lao. I can predict that after Hun Sen died, Cambodia will closely be annexed by Vietnam by using the country name Cambodia to disguise the world.

If Cambodians younger generations and patriotic leaders/elitists don't understand the strategy of annexing Cambodia by Vietnam, our future and territorial land will be in the same destiny like Champa, Prey Norkor, Kampuchea Krom and Lao.


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