Monday, November 16, 2009

Sam Rainsy has chosen good place to stay away from those demons

Where Sam Rainsy should go during the court trial and parliamentarian immunization lifting?

The simplest answer is to stay away from those politically motivated and Vietnamese plans.

  • In order to shut up the mouth of Cambodians, to threaten, to quickly proceed its encroaching and test its authority inside CPP, Vietnam has planned to put those 6 sticks in the farm land of Cambodians when realized that Sam Rainsy will lead the Kathin there.
  • Under its satellite team work, Vietnam has expected to throw one stone but kill two birds: to test its power inside CPP and threaten Cambodian people in the whole country in expressing their opinion regarding border encroachment of Vietnam.
  • Vietnam has well perceived that 99% of mass media (TVs, Radio, Newspapers) in Cambodia are owned by the CPP to effectively manipulate Cambodian people.
  • CPP has tried to degrade political popularity of Sam Rainsy by demoralizing as runny away (or hit and run) etc. But major Cambodian people have realized well the biased court, politcally motivated court of Cambodia government, and the human rights violation of Cambodia prison.
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