Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cambodia needs clear policy on immigrants

Dear Editor,
Op-Ed: Soprach Tong
Viewer comment: of course Hun Sen, Heng Samrin and Chhea Sim including their patrons are knowing nothing about the bright future of Cambodia. They are leading the country to the dark future, not the bright future. Those leaders and some followers are blindly boasting about current progressive of materials which has advanced beyond Khmer Rouge regime. But these leaders and their patrons are leading to destroy the national institutions of Cambodia. Without having a strong institutions, Cambodia is like a house without foundation. Vietnam has planned 20, 50 and 100 years to eliminate Cambodia. It is called "eliminate without bleeding". This tactic is to amputate Cambodia's main national institutions. Now, Cambodia's Nation, Buddhism and Monarchy have been twisted and manipulated by the CPP disguising under the rigid plans of Vietnam. Immigration is part of those tactics to manipulate Hun Sen's blind eyes. Cambodians will become Vietnamese when Cambodian people cannot say anything about its border under the border ongoing demarcation (as evidence Cambodian farmers at the border are arrested and jeopardized). Election will produce nothing for Cambodia, but for Vietnam while major aggressive voters are Vietnamese, CPP needs power next 100 years, NEC is not neutral and partial, Vietnam's development in Cambodia is a long plan to absorb this country etc. Today, I came across a speech by one of the Khmer elders said that "Khmer Rouge eliminated their own people but strongly protected territorial land. Current regime, the government has given up their land to Vietnam but keep lives of the people a under maltreatment". So between Khmer Rouge and Hun Sen government, which regime is better? Saying this, Hun Sen and his followers will respond to us that they don't see Vietnamese carried any Khmer land out to Vietnam. CPP's response has always sarcastic like what sVar Kimhong has recently manipulated about the border demarcation with Vietnam at the national assembly. Only one question is that sVar Kimhong has never been to the border, if he went their he will take or see the pictures like Son Chhay showed in the letter. What is the future of Cambodia?

I write in response to the article “Vietnam repatriates Cambodian beggars” (December 23). I was ashamed to hear that nearly 900 illegal Cambodian beggars were repatriated by Vietnamese authorities this year, as well as the recent deportation of illegal Cambodian workers sent back through the border by Thai authorities, several of whom were killed while passing through the forest on the Cambodian-Thai border.

However, there have been no strong reactions against the Thai shootings of these people, just warnings for the migrants not to emigrate to Thailand, forgetting that a poor standard of living forced these people to leave home and cross the border illegally in the first place.

In general, the government always declares Cambodia is run by a “government of economic growth”. But this slogan should be questioned: What does it mean that the Cambodian economy does not have enough capacity to create work for domestic labourers? On the other hand, during the recent tensions between Cambodia and Thailand, we heard information about hundreds of Cambodian returnees who were being turned back every day.

Then, the Cambodian authorities quickly deported the ethnic Uighur refugees, who were seeking political asylum, back to China last Saturday. But in the case of other illegal foreign immigrants living and gaining job opportunities in the Kingdom, the government does not take measures against them as actively as Vietnam and Thailand.

From my point of view, I think that this slow reaction against illegal immigrants is maybe due to the fact that the Cambodian economy has not yet produced enough work for the local labour force, and that perhaps Cambodia does not have the necessary immigration laws to control who enters its territory.

Therefore, we would very much appreciate if the National Assembly was to review and pass important draft laws on immigration to deal with domestic labour and manage the population in order to alleviate poverty in Cambodia.

Tong Soprach
Phnom Penh

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