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Political Analysis Today: A Conversation Between Khmer Young & Chetrasen

For stability of the regime, there are two loose institutions that Vietnam is care the most, monarchy and Buddhist Sanghas. The collaboration of these two institutions with the ruling party helped Vietnam to achieve their plan because these institutions are still served the backbone of the kingdom.

Dear Chetrasena;

I am glade to know your idea regarding this issue. What you have said is right. Of course, the discourse of Federation is in place. You, I and all Cambodian people have clearly seen that Cambodian government under Hun Sen and CPP have made a lot favor for Vietnam. and Vietnam has stepped beyond the success of Federation in encouraging Cambodian government to convict and try Khmer farmers such as Prom Chea and Meas Srey. Recently, the Cambodian court convicted Sam Rainsy, the only biggest president of opposition party, about his disinformation, insulting Cambodia-Vietnam relationship and racism.

Cambodian government has always used the excuse of strengthening the rule of law. However, this strengthening activities have happened only with the dissents and opposition activists.

Actually, Cambodian government that has trialed and convicted the farmers and opposition leader is the just the intimidation to all Cambodian people countrywide not dare to protest or expressing opinion about the fast strengthening relationship between Cambodia and

I absolutely agree with the author about petitioning the government of Cambodia to disclose the plan of creating federation with Vietnam in accordance to irregular treatment to Cambodian people regarding their perspective about their relationship with Vietnam. This not include the cases of Khmer Krom people. They have gradually marginalized from Cambodian people after the frequent visits of Vietnamese leaders to meeting both secular powerful men and Buddhist partriarch.

The good way to do now is the need to know from the government to publicly disclose or announce the Indochina federation advancement with Vietnam and Loa of Cambodian government under current CPP leadership.

ky: It is very interesting article. Majority of Cambodian people who live in the country from the poorest to the richest are happy to live in this Federation .The three countries have already been federated just a matter of time to be promulgated officially.From economic stand point about 80% of businesses are owned and operated by Vietnameses. Look at the local markets in the city of Phnom Penh such as Psar Kandal and Chbar Ampeou are exclusively controlled by Vietnamese vendors. From people to people, Cambodian people in Cambodia are living are second class of citizen. Cambodian officials in every level are care of themselves and their families. In Cambodia there is no way you can sue Vietnamese citizen, if you win you still lose. That is the price we have to pay. HRP and SRP are just the joke from the eye of Vietnam.Hanoi has invested too much in this Kingdom.Most Cambodian officials are drunken by status, wealth monies, but they ignored the future . My opinion I supported Federation, let it be sooner or later it is going to be that way whether you like or not. As I said couple years ago, I asked for unity from all khmers regardless of their affiliations for the sake of country survival, but they did not how to work together, they only know how to divide each other.Hanoi is fully aware that the serious threat to CPP is Royalist, once this organization dismantled and brought this institution to the ground, the CPP will survive and strong. To destroy Royalist party HRP and SRP were acting and harbouring CPP to achieve the mission.Look at now, it is very easy for CPP to subdue SRP . All of these are the hard work of CPP and Hanoi together . If you compare Yellow shirts and Red Shirts in Thailand, the yellow shirts are backed by institution Monarchy, the Red Shirts are born from the Red Thai who fought for long time to get rid off this institution that why their struggle are not supported by EU, USA and England, they are not the core of democratic movement, now they are labelled by the government as terrorist groups . You must understand, Hanoi right now is the best ally of USA, so the CPP and Pathet Lao, this is the policy of USA to contain China influence, and Hanoi is pleased with US help to gain couple disputed Islands.

Khmer Young;

Firstly, we have to learn to accept the reality. In Cambodia, the reality is that CPP government has made much favor for their support, the Vietnamese who helped them to power and CPP can maintain power till today. We, Cambodians, have to learn to accept the reality that Vietnam's attempt to use Khmer monarchy for their power legitimacy is successful. We, Cambodians, have to learn to accept the reality that the war has made our brothers and sisters exhausted and lost and traumatic to wake up to fight against the CPP.

Like the author of Vietcamlao debated, Cambodian people are concealed by the absence of war, nationalism of Preah Vihear Sok An has tried to create, songs and entertainment, crap Buddhist institution, sky-crappers, urban sprawling, border demarcation, lasting friendship and mutual assistance in all fields, aids and investment etc. Those things are good tools for foreign and the CPP to continuously deceive Cambodian people.

We, Cambodians, have to learn the reality that the opposition parties have been used to lie the international community. Only one way that opposition should be strong is to take monarchy away from the pocket of CPP (Viet's plan) and unify with all nationalists. Opposition cannot win Vietnam or CPP by just critics or show the wrong doing to border demarcation excuse. The CPP's court system is ready to trial all dissents in order to blind Cambodian people that they are doing to strengthening the rule of laws...the rule of law for federation?

So one way that we can do is to follow the CPP's policy such as let join with the CPP to successfully create the Indochina Federation. Cambodian people and oppositions seems have to weapons to fight against this but let all together support this trend and let negotiate with Vietnam about the rules and regulations.

So what do you think?

KY : Today, the kingdom of Cambodia is moving to another world .Majority of Cambodian people in the country seems to be happy with the CPP under leadership of Somdech Maha Akka Sena Decho Hun Sen . Whether you like or not he is the one whom everybody in the world is doing business with especially American, he will meet the US President this month . Do not forget American soldiers provided training and assisting Hun Sen soldiers more than they did during the Lon Nol .That is the new era of US policy, stability and security are the main concern of USA ..Ceding land to other country, abusing power against it citizen are not American business, they are Cambodian business, there are plenty of dictators around the world .Hun Sen rules Cambodia longer than his predecessors King Sinaouk, Lon Nol and Pol Pot combined .There is no need to blame Hanoi, for the sake of United Vietnam the countries of Lao and Cambodia must be included .Along with rapid expansion policy of Vietnam, the Ferderation will be financed by both Japanese and Korean with the help of American, EU and Australia .The new generation of Cambodian is happy with that move. For stability of the regime, there are two loose institutions that Vietnam is care the most, monarchy and Buddhist Sanghas. The collaboration of these two institutions with the ruling party helped Vietnam to achieve their plan because these institutions are still served the backbone of the kingdom. The people of the three countries are freely moving from one place to another, no border no visa no restriction .Yes, there are an obstacle for the unity of the three countries too, especially among the stubborn Cambodian people who opposed the plan and being hostile to the regime, but just a small ban of subversive elements soon to be branded as terrorist group whom has no sympathy from other people. The words of insurgencies or rebellions are no longer used as this day for every ruling government.

Kind Regards,

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