Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Responding letter to Ou Virak

Dear Ou Virak;

Thank you very much for your replying regarding your speech in an interview with RFI last few days. Of course, I have anticipated the political stance of RFI long time ago. And I have always put my suspicion on political inclination of RFI.

However, I love to listen daily news of RFI as all their reporters explicitly and clearly articulated all critical issues occurring in Cambodia and the world.

I understand well that Francio's sharp documentation and questioning are substantial for his journalism career. It is useful to dig out the dirt from the well to analyze it thoroughly.

At one side, the learned will see his questions as good, but for Cambodian farmers, major audience of RFI, will see that the logic of "responding message of government's spokesman" probably has ground.

However, I am still praising the teamwork of RFI for their effort in bringing critical issues with special guests to hotly debate on silent sides of news rarely talked in Cambodia especially your recent report which government has never paid attention or taken into action to better their administration at all. In reverse, it is worse that government has ultimately projected or labeled in order to marginalize and humiliate NGOs, dissents and opponent groups. I am doubtful if government continues to accelerate their current rebuttal message, in the future those NGOs and dissents will be marginalized from the ring of current playing ground.

In trust I has always assured,


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