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Political tricks of Hun Sen using in modern IT era

Political Analysis Today:
CPP led by Hun Sen under the provision of Hanoi will one day die as money that they raise and dirty tricks that they use will be useless like other despotic leaders in this world that have subsequently diminished.
Op-Ed by Khmer Young

As one of the younger generations of Cambodia, I am fully supported both material and morals for H.E. Sam Rainsy, SRP and all members. I have confidence to continuing support this party to fully achieve as a government leader one day. The documents of American Embassy secretly released by Wikileak confirmed the honesty and genuine patriot of H.E.Sam Rainsy in his rejecting the offer made by Mr. Hun Sen in the highest position of government and many other chances, H.E.Sam Rainsy has firmly confirmed his stance on integrity and struggle for genuine democracy of Cambodia.

With this firm stance and struggle of SRP, CPP led by Hun Sen has used all means to uproot or at least reduce popularity of this party. CPP which is originated from Communist Party of Vietnam, has never given up their dirty tricks in demolishing its contender (please listen RFA's report for more details about Hun Sen's dirty tricks).

But the gap of this reveling and the other important tricks CPP led by Hun Sen under Vietnamese supervision has used to win their opponents is still having more to tell to the world:

  1. Created their own opposing groups: Clearly seen by observers are the political party groups, the movement groups and media groups. Khem Sokha recently claimed his party's strategy as the leading opposing party with the CPP. It is ridiculous for Khem Sokha whose personality is not a politician and national patriot, he is the political opportunist if I could name few titles for him. As SRP's major supporters are Cambodian diaspora, HRP has tried hard to attract Cambodian overseas to support them, but finally HRP must need money pocketed by the CPP to continue their tasks. Hun Sen will need more money from those tycoons to inject this party for the diversion and confusion of Cambodian people attention about what democratic party they are going to vote for? For the movement, observers noticed that the so-called Khmer Power Movement led by vocalist Soun Serey Rattha is hilarious. Currently, this movement has begun from personal Serey Rattha but it can possess radio channel and possibly Khmer print media in the future. Cambodian overseas are not stupid to donate money to this movement but why this movement can expand their project interestingly? Again, Hun Sen needs more money from those tycoons to inject to KPPM to divert the real movement to topple Hun Sen as well as to distract the Cambodian people in looking at SRP from their ideal. Soun Serey Rattha has never stopped splashing at SRP and what is so ridiculous for this movement is its claim to support Lon Nol. I can tell you this point, condemning the dead corpse like Lon Nol is intentionally diverting the attention of Cambodian people as well as it is politically resonating the intractable conflict among Cambodian compatriots. When we divide we weak, so our enemy wants us weak. Make it simple!
  2. Prioritizing on collecting money: CPP led by Hun Sen under the supervision of Hanoi has collected money for this party as much as they can (see more detail on the leak of Cambodian's top ten tycoons) to see how Hun Sen build his kingdom of power with money collection strategy. For communist mentality which is the source of the emerge of crony capitalism, money is power for them. Human rights and rule of law are substitute in order to entertain the slow process of maturity of Cambodian people's ability to grab the enlightening concept of democracy.
  3. Moral support building: this strategy, CPP led by Hun Sen under the supervision of Hanoi has tried to make sure that moral support from the Cambodian people is substantive. Charity activities must be conducted. It is remarkably that Red Cross led by Bun Rany repeatedly visualizes on every TV channel for its giving food and supplies to the poor which this money has collected from those tycoons and CPP's members including the Buddhist order (monks). Hun Sen and Bun Rany has appeared several times in Buddhist ceremonies to ensure that he believe in Baab (sin) and Bon (merit) to illusionate the Cambodian people.
Hence, these 3 tricks for CPP to win its contender particularly SRP is normal for win win strategy and iron fist for CPP led by Hun Sen under the supervision of Hanoi. SRP led by Sam Rainsy, though, still maintain strong support from oversea Cambodians, this party has many challenges ahead to improve and attain eventually.
  1. SPR must recruit more youths to place them in the central committees to drive both youth support and moral support
  2. As a biggest opposition party, take advantage to lure members of CPP, to push for alliance with all other democratic parties, don't be childishly disappointed that those small parties can victimize SRP party especially Khem Sokha (SRP party must initiate to ally with every democratic party) for the democratic achievement of Cambodia.
  3. To nominate more women in the position especially follow role model playing by Mu Sochua who has always visited Cambodian people at those remote areas.
CPP led by Hun Sen under the provision of Hanoi will one day die as money that they raise and dirty tricks that they use will be useless like other despotic leaders in this world that have subsequently diminished.

Bravo the power of solidarity among genuine Khmer patriots and democratic activists!

Khmer Young

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