Thursday, February 15, 2007

Most Khmer Pundits and Leaders Are Extremely Radical

Most Khmer Pundits and Leaders are extremely RADICAL,

King Sihanouk and Prof. Keng Vansak and few others Khmer Leaders are extremely radical. Through my personal observation, they are disgusfully cripple and crap. Their politic role doesn't mean that to harvest it in order to bring prosperity, integrity, sovereignty and peace to the kingdom/people, especially to exploit from world's politic movements. But their previous roles are just personal interest, ego and ignorance.

I am sad and sobbing to see such Khmer leaders who know nothing about leadership. They have competed each other with guns, cursing, manipulating, destroying and uprooting like cats and dogs...without shame in order to obtain their power or interest. Most of the time, they sell themselves to foreigners for the personal power stability and interests.

This is so weired and disgusted for Khmer pundits and leaders. Their competition with same Khmer blood is bloodly staged, not play it for the interests of Cambodia. It is really different from Cambodia's neighboring countries or world's nations that their political games are just the exploration to bring advancement to their land.

On behalf of KHMER YOUNG, I humbly suggest to all those retired leaders and pundits, please take care of your health as your priority, if not necessary don't throw your spit or waste to KHMER YOUNG anymore...those are only your past personal retaliating activities. If you all cannot be calm, please try to be creative and productive as the Khmer role model like other world's retired leaders are currently doing.

With Sincerely Respect,

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