Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wake up Khmer pundits to think something accurately

I agree that mostly Cambodian academic groups are debating or arguing basically sub-important issues. Sometime it can stir division among Khmer nationals also. They should do research or debate about past Den Diem or present Dor Mouy policy of Vietnam.

They have integrated many things to swallow and enchroach Cambodia. We have to understand that there are many local state leaders are Vietnamese personnels and spies. If you could do research, go and survey that how many ethical Vietnam citizens are positioning as villigers leader, municipal leaders, provincial officers and governmental figures. Also including Vietnamese armforce division which can be dangerious to our stability.

Vietnam has never neglected in any minute of their thought to influence and control Cambodia.
While Vietnamese academic pundits are meeting, debating and planning to take over Cambodia, we are Cambodian scholars debate only the controversial issues to stir internal dispute and division.

Please, wake up all Khmer scholars don't be so serious or hot in sub-interesting things in Cambodia.

Help to do research and survey the primary hot issues such as corruption, unemployments, land grabbing, unreliable court, unaccurate education curriculum, Vietnamese strategies beneath Khmer carpet, poverty, injustic and youth gange...etc

Do something valuable bring real reputation to you all!

Khmer Young


Anonymous said...

What great articles you have here -- full of nationalism.
Anyways, I found a mistake on the former Vietnamese secretary general Dor Muoy. The correct name is "Do Muoi". I could not make a guess on another name "Den Diem".

Khmer Young said...

Thanks Wanna,

Don Dien and Do Muoi is Vietnamenes policy. Don Dien focused on expansionism through forces or military, but Do Muoi (means innovation) focuse on influences through economic (money). Now, you can you see they lure Cambodian people through money especially leaders.

These two names are policy, not personal name.

Anonymous said...

Mmm.... Do Muoi is a real name. I see the man in almost big events of the communist party.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You may get confused "Do Muoi" with "Doi Moi". "Doi Moi" means "reform" or "innovation" as you said.

Khmer Young said...

Hi Wanna,
Great that you help to translate that word. It might be Do Moi or Doi Moi like you said. Otherwise, I believe you.

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