Sunday, February 18, 2007

Do Moui policy: money, money and money to Vietnamize Cambodia

The course of challenging Hun Sen government is soundly orchestrating:
1. To amend effective immigration law
2. Anti-corruption law
3. Good governance reform
4. Transparency
5. National budgetary audition

But he and his colleagues have sword in hand for votes are:
1. Patronaging to his hierachical official veins.
2. Giving Yum Yum, rice, net, white-robes and other items to poor people and families
3. Building templs, schools, bridges, canals, wells, roads to claim their generosity...from their corrupted money
4. Allowing illegal immigrants to register to vote and allow them more to come.
5. Intimindation and instabilization.

We have to understand that "this sword is effective in the present because of their plan has already critically framed like low salary for teachers and officers, law standard of education, no anti-corruption law, no immigration law, one lasting powerful man, people are still in fear, poor and still chaos..etc"

Hun Sen and his group will not interest with this "40 per cent of its population of 14 million live below the national poverty line of 50 cents a day, 50 per cent of children never complete their primary education, 30,000 children die every year from preventable diseases and only half of the countryside has access to electricity"

Or with this "fragile democratic institutions and poor records on governance, transparency and human rights"

But they care this "how to benefit from this huge national resource by Vietnamese's giant company "Sukimex" to monopolize and privatize it in order to stabilize and attain Vietnamization of expansionism in Cambodia through Do Moui policy"

New Vietnam policy of Do Moui stresses on strenghtening economic (money) to develop their country as well as to continue swollowing Loas and Cambodia and influence the they are sucessful.

What Vietnam has sucessfully achieved in exploiting Cambodian national resource is the privatization of Ancient Cites and monuments as well as the fundamental infrustructures such as oil, importing and exporting goods..etc. Now Vietnames company representative owns Angkor Wat, Rolous and extend to control all other monuments. This company has been employing many Vietnamese staffs to sell the entrance ticket as well as to guard the monuments and other positions.

Many rich and reliable international companies cannot compete their investment with Sukimex in exploiting the precious Khmer heritages, so how about this gigantic oil and gas?

As we can see now only tourism company from Malaysia can bid island development which is less important and beneficial than Angkor or Ancient Cites.

Money, Money and Money...finally Khmer is easily becoming Vietnam's vessel.

Do Moui is really strategical extending from Don Dien. Cambodia is still in a dangerious slope led by Hun Sen government.

But thing is not too late, wake up everybody!

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