Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Don Dien & Do Moi Policy of Vietnam to attain their expansionism policy

What is Don Dien policy?
The don dien system of land settlement, borrowed from the Chinese, was used extensively to occupy and develop territory wrested from Champa. Under this system, military colonies were established in which soldiers and landless peasants cleared a new area, began rice production on the new land, established a village, and served as a militia to defend it. After three years, the village was incorporated into the Vietnamese administrative system, a communal village meeting house (dinh) was built, and the workers were given an opportunity to share in the communal lands given by the state to each village. The remainder of the land belonged to the state. As each area was cleared and a village established, the soldiers of the don dien would move on to clear more land. This method contributed greatly to the success of Vietnam's southward expansion.

Under this expansionism policy, Cambodia has ceded their land in reign of Chay Cheta II. He allowed Dai Viet military to stay in his large land of Prey Nokor and vicinity temporarily, finally Don Dien journey had been achieved.

In Laos, the struggle against French under Indochina Federation had allowed Vietnam military to come in and settled their bases. Now Laos cannot speak out any word. Only one thing they can do is to celebrate frequently the anniversary of Independence Day or Friendship Memorandum Day with Vietnam.

Look at Cambodia in January 7, 1979, Don Dien began its second large mission to swallow Cambodia. January 7, 1979 led by Hun Sen, Heng Samrin and Chea Sim is not different between reign of Chey Chatha II. Don Dien of January 7, 1979 is almost succeeded. But under the presure of international community, Don Dien had been distorted. However, the legacy of Don Dien still spread many of illegal immigrants of Vietnames, created Vietnames societies throughout the country, supplemented border treaties, influenced in governmental systems and difficulties to improve the living standard of the people.

When UN and international communities keep close eyes and resist this Don Dien policy rigoriously, Vietnam has begun their new strategy called money, money strategy (Do Moi).

What is Do Moi?
Do Moi in Vietnamese language means "innovation". Or it is the reforming policy which Vietnam government has pursued through opening the country to welcome free markets and global trends, but remaining one party government. This is similar like China.

Do Moi emphasises on economic (money and money) to develop the country in all major fields. It is also to pursue expansionism policy to renew their ancestor's heritage and commitment.
Through the remaining soldiers, people and businesemen after their invasion, Vietnam has critical potential to continue their expansionism policy in Cambodia. We can observe giant companies led by Veitnamese half blood(or full blood) tycoons in Cambodia as well as some personal identities who are employing in government of Cambodia are still paying homages and gratitudes to serve both Don Dien and Do Moi policy to Vietnam government.

Cambodia now is encountering Do Moi of money and money policy.

For young Khmers will not bear racial or discriminate policy toward those ambitous policies of Vietnam or Vietnamese people like our elders did, but we are pursuing in a flexible and intelligent way...


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Wanna said...

Doi Moi(Đổi Mới), not Do Moi, which means renovation.