Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hidden things behind Nguyen Minh Triet to visit Cambodia on Feb.27-March 1, 2007

King Sihamuni invited Minh Triet to pay a state visit to Cambodia. This is a good word for Cambodian government. In reality, how power and free decision that present Cambodian King should deserve?

State spokeman told reporters that Minh Triet will talk with Cambodia about sea-border dispute line. Significantly, the toll will not only that.

Present Vietnam and their government pay much attention to influence Cambodia through economic (Do Moi) and the existing comrades left in Cambodia during invasion (Don Dien) January 7, 1979.

Triet will use these three days in Cambodia precisely to strengthen their border investments, lasting friendship treaties, widen concession capacities of Cambodian precious heritages and natural resources such as Angkor Wat and oil, meet Vietnamese businese tycoons in Cambodia, meet Vietnamese personal identities who are employing in Cambodian government, and Vietnamese association representatives throughout the country...etc

More than this, to help CPP to win votes of commune councils in this coming April and national election in 2008.

Friendship and bilateral coorporation with neighboring countries as well as the world community is necessarily required for Cambodia. But friendship of Vietnam under Don Dien and Do Moi expansionism policy must be aware and courageous.

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