Thursday, February 22, 2007

Premier Hun Sen is mature in public popularity but he is full of manipulation

Hun Sen has significantly improved his political maturity. His way of speech can draw attention from people and specialists. And often, it can purify himself from political errors in this coming election.

However, Hun Sen's words are genuinely manipulation. He said "land grabbing has been identified as a major problem by donors and rights groups".

Do those donors and rights groups agree with him?

No, my Premier!, those donors and rights groups have kneeled in front of you and humbly request you and your cabinets to amend anti-curruption law as soon as possible. This suggestion has appealed since last ten years...but why it is still flowing in the air?

The advancement of economic measurement observed by Premier is well done. But still looked over the actual causes of economic unequal distribution.

The actual causes are corruption, especially corruption committed by state officers, ministers, cabinets, parasites...

So please, my beloved premier, anti-corruption law is your iron-fist policy, triangle policy and win win policy, but why you pay less attention with it?

Look at many communist countries such as China and Vietnam, their leaders sacrificed themselves to abide by anti-corruption law for the benefits, prosperity and stability of their country and why you are Cambodian leaders hesitate to sacrifice yourself?

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Lady Bird said...

I already respond to your article.
But again I decided to post it in here.

Dear KY,
Your 2nd paragraph appears to contradict the 1st para. Hun Sen is a very manipulative man with Yuan as his protege and with all machine killings ready to stage a coup anytime he wants, then you splitted into another avenue as Hun Sen is able to draw a
huge crowd to listen to him.

What's the idea of making the donors (rich people) to stoop too low before this thug Hun Sen by saying they are kneeling down in front that animal Hun Sen?

Do you actually know what is Yuan' objective? If you do then you have
a clue what Hun Sen really does. Does Hun Sen know how to make full
use of victory? Yes he does for himself and his own family members but not in the realm of Cambodia economy.

Even if you used of sarcasm, but the public still view it as the
opposite, and those uneducated man like Hun Sen or crazy like kangaroo
will take advantage of your remarks, and you are becoming Yuan/CPP or Hun Sen satellite. Hun Sen is Yuan's most significant asset and everyone knows all about it. Yuan Conspiracy creating Khmer Rouge and creating chaos in Cambodia by having KR vs. KR so the Yuan invasion could begin was barbaric already, but placing back the KR Hun Sen in power in order to colonize Cambodia is even more barbaric or a superbarbarity.
How can Khmers help to rescue Cambodia and the poor people if some like you give in to intimidation and/or betray uncertainty?

You have the right to your own opinions but don't make the donors to stoop so low as you wanted them to be.

Lady Bird