Sunday, February 25, 2007

The gap of imballanced power in contemporary Cambodian politic

Tansitional politic in Cambodia is in a swift move as monarchy and loyalist party have been split apart. This change is significantly coming from the continuous attempt of CPP. Sometime we can say that this recent sucess in breaking out FUNCINPEC and the frequent abuses to the King were committed by Hun Sen.

In the reality, the attempt to eliminate the Kingship had been undertaken before the emerging of CPP in January 7, 1979. This effort comes directly from Hanoi. Among Cambodian leaders, King Sihanouk is their preliminary target. He is an obstacle to accomplish their expansionism in Cambodia.

But we also have to explicitly accept that the tragedy and Hanoi communist influence in Cambodia have occured and survived by the wrong grave decision and incompetent leadership of the former King.

Now look at present change and future trend of Cambodian politic. This will be exceptionally two parties based country: the CPP and SRP.

The recent breaking apart of FUNCINPEC and continual losing of former King's popularity as well as his role model can lead to imballanced political competition in Cambodia.

In the political stage, King Sihanouk always challenges Hanoi's political frameworks that have designed in Cambodia since January 7, 1979. Hanoi's effort runs through malicious and harsh rhetoric and ugly damnation of Hun Sen toward King. This crash has always happened though King and Hun Sen have tried to bond together against the international KR tribunal.

It is a chance for SRP to uplift herself as a real national as well as international political rival to the ruling party; and prepare herself to lead the country. But the personal performance of the leader and the effective management of the party must be improved.

CPP is sufficiently through municipal based administrative systems in remote areas and uneducated people, huge amount of financial support and subtle mechanisms from Hanoi.

SRP is already embraced by educated people, young generation and oversea Cambodians. But there are many things which this party have to adjust especially municipal base system strenghtening and public speeach of Sam Rainsy.

Value speech must be short, explicit, consise and appropriate vocalic stresses.

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