Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Doi Moi Policy is Subtle and Hideous to Cambodia

Doi Moi or Ongoing Renovative Process
Vietnam is setting a new policy compatible with the modern movement of the world. This new movement streses on bilaterial corporation, mutual udnerstanding, open free trade/market, socio-economic development and global education etc.

This new vision is valuable to bring Vietnam to a new age of prestige.

Their achievement is vast in both international and regional arena. Significantly, with neighboring country like a weak Cambodia. It is easily ongoing to widen this Doi Moi of expansionism through present vassal CPP.

Sweet in front, but war and murder behind
Sweet words have appeared from all Vietnam's leaders, especially this Vietnam's national news agent.
"Vietnam and Cambodia are entering the new year 2007 with stronger spirit and determination to successfully implement socio-economic development targets and to celebrate the 40th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties."
-- Surely, this is the propaganda of Doi Moi policy (40th anniversay) extending from Don Dien. Sweet words, but people of Cambodia are still bitter...

"Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in December 2006, this visit by President Triet reaffirms the fact that the Parties, States and people in the two countries attach great importance to continuously developing good neighbourliness and comprehensive co-operation."
-- Reaffirm Doi Moi policy which is the hidden thug behind the scene.

"The visit reflects the determination of leaders and people in the two countries to further strengthen their relations to serve their own interest and to make a contribution to peace, stability and development in the region and the world as a whole, thus helping to raise the two nations' international prestige."
-- Yes that is true for Doi Moi of cold war to swallow Cambodia slowly but firmly.

"The Vietnamese people are glad to witness the positive changes in Vietnamese-Cambodian friendship. The exchange of visits is of great significance for the promotion of bilateral ties in the 21st century under the motto "Good neighbourliness, traditional friendship, comprehensive co-operation and long-term stability" so as to serve national construction and development in each nation."
-- Sure, this is your changing policy from Don Dien to Doi Moi. Your words are significantly reflecting Doi Moi policy of Ho Chi Min in his last preach.

"The active participation and effective contributions made by the two countries in the framework of regional and multilateral co-operation have helped promote the co-operation process within ASEAN, the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) co-operation projects, the Mekong Sub-region and the Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam Development Triangle and others."
-- These words are the new expansionism propaganda of Doi Moi to develop new brandname of Indochina Federation which all Vietnames's leaders have dreamt to achieve it.

"May the Cambodian people record greater achievements in their national construction and defence."
-- This word is far beyond an honest friendship and bilaterial international relationship. I know HCM spoke sweeter than this.

Reality that All Khmers Have to Comprehend
In this news is a good evidence for Khmers to learn and comprehend that "all developments or agreements made between VN and Cambodia bears interest only for VN, so that VN will happily carry out and try to attain it."
For examples of this statement:
1. Border treaties and installing border marks are essential for Vietnam to legitimize their good intention to Cambodian people and to the global world. But in reality, those thousand of border marks cannot ban Vietnamese people to flow into Cambodia illegally, especially it is not an obstacle to Doi Moi policy.
-- If Vietnam has honestly good intention to Cambodia, not to interfere other country's domestic issues, just express sincere congratulation and support the effectiveness of Cambodian immigrantion law and have to be sufficiantly implemented.

2. Socio-economic development is important for Cambodia. Cambodians are thankful for such good intention. But sincerely bilaterial friendliness, Vietnam has to express concern, support or appreciate Cambodia government to have anti-corruption law and implement it sufficiently.

3. Vietnam must urge present Cambodian government to change their leaders as Vietnam has frequently implemented in their country. Though Vietnam country is one party nation, but for the sake of Vietnamese people, all the leaders have been frequently changed, especially offer the opportunity for Vietnamese young generation. We don't see single Vietnamese leader has been controling the country for more than 3o years like Hun Sen in Cambodia. Vietnam undersands well that long lasting single leader in the country creates only corrupted veins, insufficient national implementation and bad image for young generation in their future.

In contrast Vietnam won't do implement honest bilaterial friendliness. VN just tries to achieve Doi Moi policy which is Vietnamese modern scholars called it "cold war policy, innovative policy or money money policy..etc"

This new emerge expansionism policy of Vietnam is very subtle and it can be achieved gradually through their intalling CPP party that is controling Cambodia more than 3o years.

This subtle modern policy is hideous to Cambodia future.

We are Cambodian people are bitter and painful that when we are trying to oppose against Vietnam bad intention and disclose the bad tactics of Vietnam, we become encountering with a group of same Khmer national. It is really ugly that Khmers kill Khmers, Khmers fight with Khmers in decades because of some Khmers are trying to oppose against Vietnam's ambition and expansionism.

Vietnam is sucessful to bury this win win cornerstone of making Cambodians fight with Cambodians for the benefit of Vietnam.

Khmer leaders must do sacrifice themselves if they want to see bright future of Cambodia.

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Anonymous said...

Ho Chi Minh has a famous phrase "Hãy xây dựng đất nước ta đàng hoàng hơn, to đẹp hơn!". I temporarily translate this as "Let's build our nation more prosperity and bigger!". This lays curiosity on me of the term "bigger" -- what is "bigger" by they mean??!! By extending their land into Cambodia's!!??

Khmer Young said...

Sure, Wanna, bigger in here is absolutely mean to extend and expand the territory.

I read a book called "Lectures of Uncle Ho", there are many phrases advising his young generation to strengthen and expand the land.

Thanks for this sharing, unfortunately I have no VN fonts, so if possible, can you write it in Latine aphabets?