Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Boosting Trade between Vietnam and Cambodia is the effort of Doi Moi

Doi Moi policy of Vietnam is very subtle and hideous to Cambodia.

This boost of trade benefits only to Vietnam:
1. Imballanced of trading that Khmer lost trade ballance of 600 millions each year.
2. Can lead to the extinction of Khmer natural resources
3. Weak law and corruption mushrooming of current Cambodian government validate the benefits only to corrupted.
4. Modern Doi Moi expansionism is clearly strategized and mechanized.

The declaration of both partners, Nguyen Minh Triet and Somdach Hun Sen, plays important role in the public for Vietnam's legitimate control in Cambodia through CPP.

Behind the scene, Vietnam understands well that present government led by Hun Sen is already absolutely under their grip and mechanism.

Hun Sen and other Khmer leaders need to do sacrifice themselves if you all want Khmers have bright future and can avoid from subtle expansionism grip of imperialist Vietnam in this 21st century.

You all Khmer leaders, knows or pretend not to know or cannot comprehend Vietnam's tactics, or close your eyes not want to know because VN is your master and under personal safety; must understand that such illusive action can not deceive Khmer young generation.

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