Thursday, March 1, 2007

Important Open Forum Debate Khmer Rouge's Issue

Let Debate:
Khmer Rouge's trial in Cambodia is just a myth, a political oriented trial and an instrument of Vietnam to legitimize its invasion, influence and occupation in Cambodia. Or it is important to try few surviving KR cadres for people justice? Which one is more serious than? Or do we have other good solution?

The debate for our young generation and everybody would significantly focus on:
- Which one is more important between the invasion of Vietnam and the ignorant leading of the KR in the past?

Tip:- Present Cambodia situation, the Khmer Rouge (KR) is already powerless and all Khmers still happy with Vietnam's invasion in January 7, 1979-till now or revenge the dead KR regime between 1975-79?

Answer the question, please Khmer compatriots, especially young generaiton!

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