Friday, March 2, 2007

Cambodia only loses and loses in boosting trade with Vietnam

It is happy only Hun Sen government, but Cambodian people not because Hun Sen agrees almost everything initiated by Vietnam. Everybody can know that. In order to satisfy VN, Hun Sen can give most concessions withouth having public forum and legal consensus, especially this boosting of trade. Cambodia lost its trading ballance 600 millions a year, but PM and government are happy to further more trades.

Not only that, permit exemption of Visa that this is just an excuse to allow more Viet people to settle and become permanent citizen in Cambodia.

People of VN nowaday can become Khmer citizen easier than Khmer Krom. If you want to know more about this, ask Hok Lung Dy...

Vietnam's strategic plan to boost trade at least can benefit two things for them:
1. To achieve their power domination of Doi Moi policy in Cambodia through CPP
2. To gain huge benefit with a very weak partner trade like Cambodia

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Blog By Khmer said...

No !!! A big no to Vietnamese business visa exemption Cambodia. This will be their right to come in over our country. Then all Viets are businessmen. I'm hoping our Phnom Penh lawmakers will not grant this visa exemption to the Vietnamese.

Great blog ! Please keep writing.