Monday, February 12, 2007

Scandinavian Policy of Vietnam in Indochina Peninsula

Scandinavian refers to a person coming from Sweden, Norway or Denmark, often also Iceland, Finland or the Faroe Islands.

It is culturally and geographically influential of the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe and includes the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The other Nordic countries Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are sometimes included, because of their close historic and cultural relations to Scandinavia.

From this Scandinavian influential perspective has led all Vietnamese leaders to adapt a new policy by establishing Indochina peninsula as one principle state by respecting each backgrounds. Of course, Vietnam's efforts existed since the emergence of Dai Viet. The expansionism frameworks have been distinquishingly, physically undertaken.

The coalition force fought against the French colony was the remark of Scandinavian initiative. Indochina federation idealistic oriented to assimilate three countries of Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia as one union.

The testimonies and observations we should understand about Vietnam Scandinavian policy are:
- Through treaties of long last friendship, fraternity and mutual coorporation with each other. For example the treaty of Vientnam, Lao and Cambodia to fight against French colony, long lasting friendship of Vietnam and Lao tie, friendship treaties with Cambodia in 30 years which extended and adjusted every 10 years, or recent suplemental border treaty. These not include many other treaties which hide behind by the Scandanivian ideology.
- Through sending troops to these two countries. American intelligent found that there are at least 3 special soldier bases of Vietnam secretely camped the strongholds in Lao in order to control the government and arrest all Hmong tribal rebelions. In Cambodia, there are large remaining soldiers that are not withrown, at least physically thousand soldiers hide themselves on behalf of PM's bodyguard in Toul Krosang.
- Effort to integrate Vietnamese people to be able to live in La0 and Cambodia without shocking with language, culture and way of living. This assimilation strategy is clearly seen in Lao as well as in Cambodia.
- Managing long term goal of Vietnamese migration to these new lands without making any fear or suspicion for the local people.
- Etc.

Through this Scandinavian Policy that Vietnam has presently achieved in Lao. Laotian and Vietnamese people, both countries, can enter and access each country without Visa or entry document. For Cambodia, Vietnam is trying to achieve this through helping developing along border line as well as other investments.

Let wake up Khmer Youngs


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