Monday, February 12, 2007

Strategies for Justice

9.5% growth for 2006 doesn't enable any credits for the government at all because of no commitment to amend anti-corruption law, 35% of people living under poverty line and unemployment rise among youth...etc

These three factors are the diamond gift for SRP to handle and break down the CPP's patronaged power in these coming two national elections.

SRP is like the strong stream beneath huge waves potentially to govern the country if this party directs right vision and improve leadership maturity.

There are many weakness that Hun Sen's government cannot deal with such as corruption, nepotism, cronyism, favouritism, lawless decisions, high rate of jobless, VN's influences especially the VN soldiers hidding in Toul Krosang camp and land grabbing.

SRP is easy to renovate popularity through telling the truth to the people as much as possible that Cambodia country is being controled by few governmental giant businesses such as Sukimex that controls almost 75% of national revenue and economic flow, especially this VN's based company is benefiting Khmer Heritage of Angkor Wat injustically to Cambodian people.

Vote buying and voters-intimindating culture of CPP will be useless through an understanding and courages of youth delegates and rising of self-awareness and self-reliance of the people.

For personal appearance in the public, Hun Sen has no at all the attractiveness to the people. He is only good in using old fashioned power centered totalitarianism and his uneducated patronaged parasites in the local areas.

This culture has been changed in our modern technology, communication and awareness amoung young people as well as change minding of elders.

There are many aspects that are not challenged at all for SRP to take turn to destiny our country.

More than 87% percent of Cambodian population is needing new leader, new government and new policy. This trend comes strong and it is successful for future reliable party which is not 30 years in throne of present government.

Appreciation from Khmer Young

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