Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Heng Somrin and his prediction is critical for Cambodia current election system

Why a very important CPP leader has confidently told us that CPP will win 90% in this commune election? This is very critical that if we survey general people who are eligible to vote, we can perceive that CPP can only win 75 to 80% approximately.

But Heng Somrin (HSR) said like that it must be a plan that is very subtle tactics of CPP. It is incredible that he is confidently foreseeing the votes.

There are two strategies from his predicting:
1. To compaign for votes. More leaders confident for her/his victory, more people trust and change their mind to vote for him/her.
2. Votes have already been put in places, the election or the compaign is just the propaganda or the puppet show. This tactic has been used by most countries including those democratic and communist countries. To silent social chaos or legitimize their leadership, they have to arrange election.

It is very subtle to comprehend the mechanism led by the government. It can be through vote-buying or vote-manipulating.

Vote-manipulating is very subtle as the real votes are never counted, but the arraged votes are actually on the table.

In Cambodia, the current situation is easily to practice votes-arrangment because people cast their ballots into the ballot-boxes, and ballot-boxes have to be mobilized. And the counting process is through chalk and pens.

Some developed countries they use the electronic machin that can give the answer only one second after ballots have been casted.

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