Monday, April 2, 2007

The preliminary result of commune election has taught some new concepts

The preliminary result of Cambodian second commune election, to strenghten decentralization, has signaled us some more understands that.

To change and democratize in Cambodia challenge with many things:
1. People of Cambodia are afraid of change, being attached to old-fashion style and steadily conservative.
2. Being in fear of leader's intimindation such as leader said if I am failed, chaos might be occured.
3. Being grateful to gifts although it is very small
4. Government is still using strategies of:-huge money, distorting registration procedure and distorting opposition's commune councilors not to achieve their projects.
5. Opposition party seems lack of comprehension to the deep sense of Cambodian people and the subtle tactic of the leading party CPP.
6. Opposition party seems loud in external, but internal needs to improve.

However, this election is still not fair and acceptable in some degree. NEC or PEC needs to train more in bettering registration procedure as well as comprehending the subtle irregularities of CPP's vote-buying.

Truely that: "To silent social chaos and to legitimize their power, the government has to arrange election."

Commune council election doesn't mean that the national election would be based because the people of Cambodia understand well the different between these two elections and the future of their children and nation.

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