Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Government arranges election only to exercise and legitimize their power

CPP prepared vote just to legitimate and exercise their power to avoid:
1. The rising of people power
2. To legitimize their power in the national as well as international stage.

The winning of CPP comes from many sources such as:
1. Using method of carrot and stick to lure Cambodian people.
2. NEC is just CPP actor to pronounce all votes for CPP.
3. Votes are already counted by NEC for the landslide victory of CPP. The stage of election is just to shut up Cambodian people from commencing their rights and freedom.

The result of this sweeping victory affects good and bad to the mentality of Cambodia.
- Affected bad because Cambodian people will increase confidence more to the ligitimacy of government controling and continue to support government though their mind is truely uncertain. So the people will pay less attention with the chronic corruption, culture of impunity, land grabbing, illegal immigants of Yuan, culture of intimindation...etc
- Affected good because more Cambodian people who feel against CPP will get more energy, unity and bonding together tightly. The number of 98% of CPP is just a good sign to recruit more democratic activists and to energize it powerfully.

The sign of this landslide victory doesn't value at all the credit of democratic government. This 98% victory is only informing us the corrupted, cheated and authoritarian leadership of the government.

*What Cambodian people who love their own nation and citizenry genuinely are worrying now is the presence of huge illigal Yuan immigrants. Now this presence increases tremendous numbers without clue from government, and they can votes freely though they don't have Cambodian national identity or have it falsly.

* Yuan's strategy in Vietnamizing Cambodia is very subtle and hideous. Yuan is projecting to swallow Cambodia through enomic, election manipulation, intimindation...etc Also Yuan is using carrot and stick to control CPP government. CPP wants both carrots or stick from Yuan because CPP is Yuan.

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