Thursday, April 5, 2007

Being fair judge in my thinking to signify my own human essence

I can notice someone debating is basically non-sense because:
1. First they submit to surrender the cheating election of CPP. We
should learn more about landslide victory of CPP which has no other
countries in this world can gain votes 98% like this. This is supper
incredible if we observe the present situation of Cambodia. Those
Cambodians are crying of poverty, corruption and injustice...but why
98%? Because no fair vote has been being arranged.
2. The number of seat is 98% while the number of votes are only 60%.
What is happening with this sweeping victory? The answer is the

victory votes are already arranged.

Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) is only idealistic party in present Cambodia to
challenge the Communist People Party (CPP). Why I call this party
Communist because it is serving Yuan Hanoi. Why I accuse so because:
1. This party has never blamed and done anything criticizing or facing Yuan.
2. Illegal immigrants of Yuan are doubled but the immigration office/
process and law enforcement in Cambodia has never implemented. If we look at Thailand
and VN country, there have frequently arrested and tried all
foreign illegal immigrants, but Cambodia is very quiet seems like no
illegal immigrants entered Cambodia at all.

Please, wake up Khmer man. I am not kind of a tool to any political
party but being fair judge in my thinking to signify my own human
potential is my essence.

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