Monday, April 23, 2007

This is shameful for Cambodian Nationals

This is the blood of brutality that present Cambodian is not different from the Khmer Rouge regime. In order to make a favor to their master, they can do everything to humiliate innocent Cambodian citizens. Khmer Kampuchea Krom is our race, but they are stepped on head by present government because this government is not really Khmer government.

Not only protect and express empathy to our Khmer Krom Compatriots, present governement make a favor to Communist Hanoi by allowing and encouraging those gangsters who use Buddhist robes to crap on the street and humiliate such a peaceful demonstration.

This is shameful for national police and present government who create gangsters to crack down Khmer Kampuchea Krom monk's peaceful march for freedom of their monk friends who had been arrested and defrocked by Communist Hanoi. By the excuse of illegal demonstration is worse than Khmer Rouge Regime who always refered to Angkar as their propaganda.

Monk Peaceful March to appeal for the releasing of their Monk friends in Mekong Delta land of Cambodia is not wrong according to Cambodian national constitution and Buddhist disciplines. This is compassionate and loving-kindness expression to their monk friends. Present government is not only has no heart and compassion to Khmer Monks, but destroy them with all tactics...this is very shameful to Cambodian nationals led by Hun Sen government.

Policemen can kick and punch Buddhist monks and allow their gangsters to humiliate more....

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Wanna said...

This is ashame for the pro-Yuon government. They say they are budhist, but ... they beat monks.
Anyways, the video is no longer available. I wish I could view it.