Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cambodia needs a change especially LEADER

I am grateful to the two distinctive characters of Mr. Sam Rainsy:

1. He is very brave that all of his colleanges cannot do like him. Anywhere, news of people get suffering he rushes to go there by byke, mortorbyke, boat, walk, car or whatever vehicles to reach them to see with his eyes in order to serve them as a servant leader.

2. He is a weired man who doesn't love money. The best character of leaders in this world needs some one who put money behind (or not important premise) in handling with all issues.

To educate all those frontliners of the peace, human rights and democracy battlefields are crucial. SRP is gradually attracted and planted younger capable leaders, from day to day the numbers are increasing. YOung leaders are full of ability, purity, sacrifice, qualification, flexibility, open-minded, broad vision, visionary, up-to-date, democratic, dignitary..etc They are the hope of our nation.

Eventhough, Cammunist countries like VN and China, they have frequently transfered power to their young leaders...and they have always changed leaders b/c they need their country to be survived.

Watch all those movies talked by Sam Rainsy give me many sophisticated perspectives to rally with him for the sake of Cambodia.

Cambodia now is in need the change of leader, we don't hate Hun Sen, but need to change the leader, so our future will be brighter and our nation can survive and can compete with modernization of the world.

If you have KHmer mentality, you have to think of changing and improving, including changing leader in order to destine our nation in a right tack.

Agent of Change!

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