Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cambodian people are still terrifying by current government

The performance in the Day of Anger Against Khmer Rouge organized by current government in May 20, 2007 show only negative things and endless terror as well as retaliation to Cambodian people. It only provocates:

1. Hate towards those current powerless leaders in that regime and the endless retaliation to Khmer Individuals. This performance is contradict to the Khmer proverb as saying "hate never appeased by hate, but hate only appeased by love and forgiveness."

2. Show the cruel policy of current government in dealing with opponents or social issues.
3. Show the current government policy that their advancement and progressive is only comparing with Khmer Rouge regime.
4. Show that CPP has credits in helping Cambodian people to free from Khmer Rouge regime without thinking of foreign invasion and occupation. In this matter, during Vietnam's invasion, Cambodian people died not less than Khmer Rouge regime.
5. Ideologically, show the legality of Vietnam's invasion in Cambodia January 7, 1979.

When we try to ballance our judgement, such performance only give negative things more than positive things for future Cambodia.

Positive thing would be only to protect this regime from happening again....but as everybody has perceived this regime happens again only through powerful CPP who is grabbing power in hand.

While CPP performs such horrified stages of Khmer Rouge, they have less helped the progress of International Khmer Rouge Trial Court. This is just a manipulation, a lie and terrorist activity of modern dictators.

Pictures courtesy from: AP Photo/Heng Sinith) & KI

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