Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Two criticisms to Khem Sokha and his notorious party

I would like to express my personal criticism and observation to new emerging Khem Sokha party. I can see very weired stategies and policy of his party.

1. In his speech, the party targets only to what he said to improve democracy in Cambodia. The question is that "has Cambodia ever experienced real democracry?". The critical issues of current Cambodian situation are corruption, illegal immigrants, border enchroachment, land grabbing, biased court, nature of dictatorship leaders and poverty. But I didn't hear all these in his party's policy. So we can assume that this party is explicitly serving CPP to subvert the real situations from Cambodian people's sight. CPP can earn huge political and ideological benefits from his rhetoric speech as well as party's policy.

2. When his main goals are to better and improve democratic system (according his speech in hello VOA), it is directly to reveal some unavoidable errors happening in opposition SRP party. People will think that this party is corrupted and not good eventhough this party has never had power to lead the country.

Nowaday, there are many words of some people to blame SPR as corrupted or dictatorship while this party has never had power to lead government....this is really illogical and non-sense in an intellectual judge.

Through these two observations, I can see the objective and goal of Khem Sokha party.

With Respectful!

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