Sunday, May 13, 2007

Option for Cambodian leaders if they want to be called HERO or HEROIC

These evidences of national treason realistically inform us the fault and blockage of present Cambodian leaders: Hun Sen, Chea Sim and Heng Samrin. These three guys were intentionally and unintentionally signing with those illegal treaties such as:
1. They believe the propangada of VN to free Cambodia from killing field - they signed for such being called small compensation to the savior.
2. The limited knowledge of international law to protect the weak. They always think Cambodia is weak, so they could follow the compromising and friendship policy suggested by VN as Hun Sen always mentioned about kindness of VN in agreeing with this treaty - so they signed
3. These three leaders can have secretely been enforced behind according Communism Trick of carrot and stick policy - so they signed and dare not to proclaim the void of treaties they signed.

To deal with those illegal treaties, it is easy for these three leaders if they have Khmer conscience and national mentality. They have to sacrifice these things:
1. The power, money, relatives and eventhough life for the sake of Cambodian nation. When they can do this, they will become Cambodian heros in the 21 century.
2. Or they can have second option to survive like in the presence, the survival like the jerk persons who daren't to say anything with former boss: VN, but to reduce their influence gradually according to national law. This option is realistic in present Cambodia situation as Hun Sen claimed to be leader for next 30 or 40 years. But it is very weak, and they have no way to free Cambodia from a very subtle mechanism of VN.

And finally, these three leaders will become forever Cambodian traitors of ceding land to neingbors: VN

Of course, there are many polical options to maintain interests for Cambodia for those three leaders that I don't mention in here..

Just make it simple and easy: Cambodian nation comes first, personal interest and security comes of the nation all heroic Khmer leaders!

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