Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Democracy and Communist Leadership are clearly displayed through its nature of power management

There are two streams in Cambodia which Cambodian people will judge and the world community will see.

CPP is only serving communism stream in which this party is lying Cambodian people to reform for democracy but in practice, this party is firmly in grip of communism nature. CPP is associating with Communist Countries like Burma, China and Yuan..etc.

CPP is talking good of demmocracy but they are practising like Khmer Rouge such as eviction poor people from their original lands, protect gangsters to maintain culture of impunity and feed criminals....manipulate the national judiciary law..increasing poverty in order to gain absolute control.

Why inscrease poverty? Because they build schools without equipements and adequate teachers' salary. They try to talk about danger of land grabbing, but encourage or at least not to arrest officials or business tycoons who have committed land grabbing...they talk about environment protect but implicitly encouraged their people/agents to cut more trees for money....they are talking about pandemic corruption but corruption law has never adopted....especially and more dangerious, the CPP has never talked about the devastation of illegal immigrants Yuan...this is so serious for Cambodian future.

Now, they are trying to demolish democratic monument, but daren't talk about communism monument....the suggestion of Opposition Party Leader in considering to demolish these two different monuments is scoring...

Cambodian people can see clearly the danger of CPP Communism in Nature and their puppet Nature of forever Surrendering to Yuan Communist...

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