Monday, May 28, 2007

The Essence of Democracy and Prosperity of Cambodia

Your trying to legitimize your absolute power CPP government is baseless and not directing to the real issues in Cambodia.


Current Cambodia is actually lacking of law enforcement. The national wealth distribution is unfair. Corrupted officials and illegal business tycoons hold huge money in hand without having proper investments to create jobs and make national money flow to improve economic.

Creating jobs in Cambodia is only through aids of garment factories. Government has no clear mechanism with what job capacity that government is targeting now? Hopeless!

Those corrupted officials and ministers as well as business tycoons have holded huge money in hand and delivered it to deposit in foreign bank accounts....this is a treason activity of present government officials, ministers and business tycoons.

So law enforcement and equal distribution will enable and ensure the prosperity of Cambodia.

Ideal or being called perfect democracy has no place to exist in this world, but the willingness of national leaders to bear National Law Enforcement, Good Governance, Decentralization and Justice are essential.

Cambodia is far beyond from that standard....democracy in Cambodia is just a propaganda...don't forget Pol Pot named their party as "DK=Democratic Kampuchea".

So help to supplement more salary or subsidize to those grassroot activists and leaders openly and transparently would assure the advancement of democracy in Cambodia.

3:22, We can't even funded our own
commune election. Most of the
money came from outsiders. How many
more elections would you like to
have? There is no right or wrong.
The question is is can we afford
($$$) to create an ideal democracy
society? And the answer is NO, big
fat no. Not a single country on
this planet has an ideal democracy
in it. Our democracy is good
enough for the moment. When you
are poor, you shouldn't expected
to drive around in a Roce Royce.
Stop trying to create the
impossible. Let's create jobs
for the needy and desperate.
Many people has commited suicide
due to lack of job. They are not
looking for much. Just something
to do. They are willing to take
50 cents a day for it. Just get
the God damned job!!!

And If we have any extra dollar to
spend, we should spend it on our
ministry of justice and police
officers first to help them
fight temptation from being
corrupted as pointed out by
Transparency International.

Again, you are waisting our tax
dollars on something that don't
fill anyone emptied belly.

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