Thursday, June 28, 2007

Causes of extinction, danger and suffering of Cambodia

Responding to NeakKampuchea,

Great envisioning to those giant corrupted institutions. As what I have observed those corruption sectors are caused by at least two things:

1. Ambition of neigboring countries especiall Yeaknam who has focused only on how they can control Cambodia and expand their territory land. They have created hurrican and rescue to make Cambodian people not to see the reality.

Now Cambodian people are already divided into two groups:
- One group has denounced Khmer Rouge as the genocidal perpetrator
- And another group has denounced Yeaknam's presence in Cambodia in 7 January 1979, as invasion.

First group might see only one side that KR killed and destroyed their families and they still keep revenged KR.

But second group may have more intellectual thought than as they see KR era is already finished, Cambodians no need to retaliate them, one thing they are afraid is to prevent not allow this regime come to power again.

Second group also refers international law and the UN's punishment of aggression of Yeaknam as their reference (UN and international community recognized KR and denounced the Yeaknam of invading Cambodia, they embargoed Yeaknam in that time). What we can see in the present is the danger of Yeaknam's domination in Cambodia.

2. Extreme of Khmer leaders who come to power with no bases of knowledge, flexibility, compassion, selflessness and sacrifice. They are Sihanouk (who always good in stabalizing his power and throne. Political philosophy said that he is always KING), Lon Nol (corruption, created discrimination towards ethnic Yuan) and Pol Polt (killing without proceduring of court and proper judgement), Hun Sen(good in protecting his power, lasting his priministerial position and he is likely serving foreigner by exposing close relationship with Yeaknam that is not abided by the international treaties and law, it is very dangerious in present day under the protocol of Doi Moi policy of Yeaknam with Hun Sen's tendency towards Yeaknam).

Refering to the stances of previous Cambodian leaders, we can see that Somdech Sihanouk, Lon Nol and Pol Pot had firmly opposed the expansionism, imperialism or domination of Yeaknam. Only Hun Sen leadership that keeps silent and ignored the above ambition of Yeaknam. Further more, Hun Sen leadership is bolstering close relationship more and more with Yeaknam. As we know, international diplomacy must be hospital and friendly regardless of race or countries particularly our neigboring countries; but Hun Sen government and Yeaknam in present has unusually bolstering their tie.

Whenever, Hun Sen government is bolstering tie with Yeakname without basing on international treaties and law, in that time the danger of extinction of Cambodia come closer and closer because Cambodia connot compete with Yeaknam at least four categories: the potential of national defence, the potential of economy grow, the potential of national law enforcement and the population or demographic growth (Yeaknam 67 millions, Cambodia 13 millions).

So all these have created the culture as you mentioned.
For now 80% of Khmer people are illiterate and too Superstitious, they still believe big trees, high mountains, worship stone, irregular animal form and some ordinary human being as a prophet. There have also been Khmer social cultures of corruption and impunity under influence of several different high and low human classes since the beginning of Khmer empire 800years ago.

Those 80% cheated Khmer are permanently continuing to focus on investing their money in their businesses of belief that never yields any return back in their entire life time. This is an additional factor among other things because why poverty's solution in Cambodia is a long term to the next several generations as long as schooling system is not fully established as needed according to her population size.

In such current unfortunate condition, Cambodia has revealed that she has been severely wounded under 3 folds of corrupted social groups:

1-Political sector has been corrupted.
2-Civil and Economics sector have been corrupted.
3-Religious sector has heavily been corrupted.

This is Khmer Culture of HONESTY

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