Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Conversation Between Vietcong's Agent and Khmer's Individual

My opinion with them: TLS & James in Camdisc

Dear Jame, TLS and All,
We don't deny the friendship diplomacy with all Cambodian neigboring countries, but those friendships must stand on international standard. But what we can see Hun Sen government and Yeaknam of CPV has increasingly bolstered friendship with each other is unusual. There are doubtful and imballanced of this friendship. Any pages of Cambodian history showing that Vietcong is not truthful in creating friendship with Cambodia:
- Chay Chettha II
- Son Ngoc Thanh
- Norodom Sihanouk
- Pol Pot

Cambodia is presently incomparable to Yeaknam:
- Military forces and national defence potential
- Population
- Economic
- Stability of national politics

With this unbearable compitition with Yeaknam, Cambodia can strengthen its legitimacy in friendship bolstering with Yeaknam only through international standard of law and treaties. But what we all know now is that Hun Sen signed all those treaties and recognized it without minding of its extinction of Cambodia future.


To resolve this problem ,why don`t you try to make a friend
with Veitcong ? They are not all bad ,the more we have many
friends the more we feel comfortable , try to have more
friend instead to have more enemy .


Dear Tonlesap:

Your suggestion is a good one. But it did not work in the past and it does not work now. Viet communists (DRV/VC) cheated and lied to Sihanouk from 1955 to 1970. They cheated and lied to Pol Pot in 1970 to 1975. They refused to recognize Cambodian border when they negotiated with the KR. They then lured the KR to war that they used as pretext to attack and invading Cambodia in December 1978.

In January 1979, Viet communist installed puppet Heng Samrin in Phnom Penh. What did they do? --- They colonized Cambodia with SPECIAL RELATION treaty signed in February that year, and swallowing Cambodia into their designed INDOCHINA FEDERATION.

Being friend or enemy with Viet communist produces the same result.

Lok Jame SOK
please don`t be too pessimist with Vietcong ,under Sihanouk reign
the Vietcon had to fight against American troupe on the Khmer
territory they had no choice because Veitcong fled through Khmer
border side they felt more security from American bombardment
,but they never had any intention to invade Cambodia ,the
conflict with Khmer rouge Polpot at 1977 caused by the gang
Polpot them self ,because
Polpot wanted to liberate KKrom territory .Look at this video
that why Hanoi decided to launch their 200 000 troupes In Cambodia
,they had their own reason .

Dear Tonlesap:

Please consider this. Vietnam is militarily strong. It has large population. Its economy is many times more than Cambodian's. Am I foolish to make enemy with such country that borders with Cambodia? --- The answer is no!!! ... I am not foolish to do that.

Thank you for providing Utube link to present your case about Pol Pot wanted to liberate Kampuchea Krom.

The fact about what Pol Pot wanted is well known to us if we are not confused with propaganda.

Pol Pot never stated officially that his regime went to war against Vietnam for liberation of Kampuchear Krom.

Official Tung Badewat, the Revolutionary Flag, the CPK's journal did not emphasize that war with Vietnam is for liberation of Kampuchea Krom.

Propaganda is different from CPK's position. Just like Vietnam propaganda that its invasion and occupation of Cambodia is for Salvation. In fact, CPV's objective is to remove obstacle to its Special Relations strategy, the modified version of Indochina Federation.

Unless you are brain-dead like some foreigners who wrote books on careless research, you can find confessions made in S-21 (Tuol Sleng) by many senior KR cadres that mentioned about relation with Vietnam. You will find the truth about the war with Vietnam in those years.

You can separate false confessions from facts about Vietnam. You can also read cables sent by KR army and reading minutes by CPK that talked about Vietnam. You can think better about the truth of KR war with Vietnam.

To be continued.....

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