Sunday, June 10, 2007

Definition and Methodology for Cambodian Bright Future

Hun Sen government will not move forward whenever it doesn't benefit their lasting power though it is important, legal and necessary for the need of Cambodia nation especially to increase NA seats, to enforce national law (law enforcement), firm control on illegal immigrants, tolerating on freedom of demonstration and media; accept, investigate or pay attention to both inside and outside feedbacks and criticisms...etc We can assume and notice that this is normal for corrupted, dictatorship and uneducated leadership to ignor above importances.

I can see the streamline that have accused Sam Rainsy Party or Mr.Sam Rainsy himself as corrupted person is not professional and intellectual. I am not pro-SRP, but to be fair and non-judgemental; Cambodian nation will not move in the right track and will never experience a positive change when one who has never controled national money in hand as well as hold the power to lead the country has been accused as corrupted and incapable...we should consider give him/her a chance when his/her surrounding premises are reliable and possible.

Why we should not consider SRP as corrupted?Because:
1. No power in naitonal government, no way in plundering or corrupting national budget.
2. Never led the government, we cannot assume or speculate that he/she is incapable.
3. Having national aternative changes of leaders only can ensure national transparency, dignity and progress especially bright future.

There are acceptances around the world that, same leader will never bring any good to the nation. With this discovery and intellectual perception that both communist and democratic countries have limited regular mandates for their leaders.

Cambodia needs good future or bad future? If they need good future they have to change leader or vote for change.

CPP can reserve its glory only by changing its priminsterial candidate. Doing so, the dynamic and alternative future of CPP will be recognized in both national and international arena.
SRP can reserve its glory only by changing its priminsterial candidate, the party's president is not essential in this discovery.

Cambodia nation can have good image and glorious future only by changing her leader or leader should consider him/herself to step down and hand power to others peacefully and volunteeringly. Doing so, Cambodia nation and that power-sacrificed will gain good reputation in the future.

Alternative future of Cambodia is essential in need to change her leader. Doing so, Cambodia can gain huge benefit:
1. Economic growth
2. Transparency, can lessen corruption
3. Human rights respect and democracy
4. Uplifting up from poverty line and narrow social gap
5. Having reputation and dignity in the international stage.
6. Having more competent candidates and leaders to destine future of our nation.
7. Having full territorial sovereign integrity.
8. Having self-reliance, non-alignment and neutrality
9. Can reduce debt of foreign loan
10. Cut off family trees and kleptocratic power
11. Eliminating the culture of impunity
12. Eliminating the culture of nepotism, cronyism, bureaucraticism and favouritism.

So current Cambodian leader and Cambodian voters should consider this changing methodology if they want to receive both personal and national sustainability.


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