Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why Hun Sen government has confronted seriously with UN's representatives all the time?

According to the frequent efforts of UN's representatives including Peter and Ghai are essential under the legal law of international agreements.

But what we have noticed from the outraged and wild blasting of PM Hun Sen to those representatives, have had something immensely hidden behind:
  • It is inevitably to say that "CPP is under the pressure or maneuvering of Vietnam to eliminate or indinigfy the Paris Peace Agreement"
  • To legitimize its invasion in January 7, 1979, VN has to indignify all international standards of law and agreements within Cambodia.

With efforts by Vietnam, we can notice:
  • Legalization of out law treaties signed by CPP leaders during their absolute occupation
  • Establishing unusual borders concessions land like Triagle border, burying border poles or recent agreement on golf field building...etc
  • Encouraging Vietnamese's business tycoons to earn more money from their huge beneficial concessions like Sokimex in controling Angkor Wat Temple, wonder of the world.
If we say on behalf of Cambodian citizens, we should value the international standard of law as well as the respect of Paris Peace Agreement, but look at CPP government, do they have intention to celebrate Paris Peace Agreement Day of Oct.23? And dignify it as the survival of Cambodia nation...???

So we are Cambodian people recognize and value the reports of those UN's representatives because they make Paris Peace Agreement alive for our rebirth of nation, land and lives.


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