Saturday, June 16, 2007

Paris Peace Agreement with its legitimacy, international aids and freedom of Cambodia

Aid donors for Cambodia will use the solution of Child and Parents (thanks for your above relfection).

Cambodian child is almost 17 years old now counts from Paris Peace Agreement. But what I have observed the intention of Hun Sen government are:

1. Trying to lessen the influence of Paris Peace Agreement in Cambodia eventhough this government needs aids from them under the declaration of Paris Peace Agreement. This action is should be called ungrateful child. All UN's envoys and representatives have been neglected, ignored or looked down by Hun Sen and his few colleagues. Not only that, those envoys are under the pressure of Hun Sen government to intervence UN's internal affair with intending to fire him. This act is really critical for Hun Sen government that what is he going to do in Cambodia? In his mind seems like having only guns and militarism to deal with problems. He cannot deal by negotiation, acceptance or patience with international feedbacks. UN's envoys frequent criticisms and evaluations are based on the reality happening in Cambodia, but all those reports are being blasted and terribly abused by Hun Sen leadership.

2. Hun Sen's government is actually having intention to eliminate or at least to ignore the Paris Peace Agreement and to oppose the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedom at the Paris Peace Agreement. We have never seen any symbols or protocol initiated by government to celebrate or value the Peace Agreement. This reflects to all Cambodian people's thought that if Hun Sen government is really genuine Cambodian legal governement, they should boast or value Paris Peace Agreement because only this agreement that Cambodia can have real power and legitimacy in the international arena. However, through the ongoing activities of Hun Sen government, we can assume that Vietnam is critically interfaring the internal affair of Cambodia in legitimizing their legality of January 7, 1979 aggression. Importantly, to achieve their Vietnamization in Cambodia with their new tactics for the absolute control of Cambodia and its territorial integrity.

Current hot issues of Cambodia would be not other else beside of the two controversial dates: Jaunary 7, 1979 and October 23, 1991. For all Cambodians have to choose one now because Hun Sen govevernment is intentionally choosing Jaunary 7, 1979 (Vietnamese aggression on Cambodia) not October 23, 1991 (Paris Peace Agreement).

We are Cambodian compatriots and patriots believe and trust only Paris Peace Agreement that can survive and recognize Cambodia sovereign integrity in the international stage. Legitimacy of Cambodia is only under the Paris Peace Agreement for its legitimate international diplomacy and power.


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