Friday, June 1, 2007

UN's Envoy Report is critically concerned

We are Cambodian people would like to express deep sincere thanks and gratefulness to Yash Ghai who come to spread prosperity in Cambodia and to care as well as to protect our weak people from pandemic violation and oppression of the powerful individuals.

We cannot imagine how worse it is if we don't have UN, International Community as well as your spectacular mission to Cambodia. If we don't have your intervention, those powerful individuals of Cambodia will intentionally continue to oppress, suck and exploit the poor and weak Cambodian citizens severely.

The report that you have released in here is fair and accurate to the present situation of Cambodia. The current Cambodian government should express gratefulness and thanks to your report rather than outraging or hate with this productive research. Your report is only tending to help government to have capacity in overviewing all those bad issues. Accepting this and deal with it immediately will assure the credibility and advantage of their executive implementation.

These following reports are really critical in Cambodia:
- The continuation of the culture of impunity
- The immediate release of Samang and Som Ouen to ensure the national law.
- Freedom of expression and demonstration
- Work union's activists
- Unusual land concessions
- Unusual mining licensing
- Land grabbing by high rank officials and business tycoons
- Procrastinating of KR trials

It is really intellectual to say from your word "Impunity for human rights violations continues to pose a threat to the rule of law in Cambodia." and "While welcoming Cambodia's economic growth, he warns that human rights and equity must not be sacrificed in the pursuit of growth."

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