Saturday, June 2, 2007

Don Dien & Doi Moi of Vietnam's Policy in aiming to swallow Cambodia

Vietnamization strategies and extensionism in Cambodia are implementing through its various hidden and open policies:

1. Don Dien = through sending military and agents to infiltrate inside the Cambodian government. Also send illegal immigrants to assimilate with Cambodian people to expect for ousting or voting in favor in their long run. Vietnam had success with this Don Dien policy of extensionism with Champa, Prey Noror and Khmer Kampuchea Krom.

2. Doi Moi = is new innovative policy adopted by HCM to welcome new coming of modernization which this philosophy stresses on economic development. Money is their tool to absorb other territory land. Vietnam can buy, bribe high ranking officials or subsidize provision to local people in order to have their legitimacy as well as domination in that territory/area. Vietnam now is using this Doi Moi extensionism in Lao and Cambodia. Border development and Vietnamese business tycoons in Cambodia are the frontliners for their Doi Moi extensionism. In this Bangkok Post News, Vietnam is stepping its legality to SA for its hidden swallowing of Cambodia of Doi Moi.

Nowadays, the kleptocratic family system in Cambodia is a very effective tool for Doi Moi extensionism of Vietnam in Cambodia.

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Khmer said...

thanks for your hard and creative work to have this website for our belove khmer to understand deeply about our current danger that could lead us be be another kampuchea krom that most of our frs over there live in misserable poverty and pressure.

I have some question for u and other to answer as below:

1. our new generation is more educated than in the past, they might understad the situation. so how can vietnamese take over our country? ( resistance will have?).

2. what about china, u.s and thailand? will they want to lose their influence on cambodia and give everything to vietnam?